Whether you are preparing to list your home for sale or simply want to update the look of your living room, modern living room designs offer many possibilities. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The industrial look

If you’re aiming for a modern look in your living room, why not go all the way with an industrial-style space? This kind of design is usually defined by raw materials like exposed brick or metal, as well as utilitarian themes like exposed piping or concrete floors. To really drive home the warehouse vibe, go for bold, graphic prints and stark black-and-white color schemes. Industrial living rooms can be surprisingly warm and inviting, thanks to the use of natural materials and a focus on functionality. Plus, they’re sure to make a statement in any home. So if you’re looking for a style that’s both contemporary and unique, consider industrial design for your living room.

The Bohemian chic look

Not everyone is a fan of ultra-modern spaces, which is where bohemian chic living rooms come in. This design sensibility getting away from it all doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. Case in point: this laid-back living room, manages to be both cozy and sophisticated. The key is in the details, like the woven baskets, global-inspired textiles, and rich wood accents. It comes in handy when you’re dealing with a small space— filling it with too many sleek lines can make it feel even smaller. Instead, focus on mixing and matching different textures and patterns to give the room dimension and personality.

The Midcentury modern look

One of the most popular design styles right now is midcentury modern— and for good reason. This vintage-inspired aesthetic celebrates clean lines and simplicity, making it perfect for small spaces. To get the look for your home, start with basics like an open floor plan, low-profile furniture, and large windows. Then add in fun touches like geometric prints and retro accessories to give your space some character.

The coastal look

The best thing about coastal living room designs is that they can be easily tailored to any type of home— whether you’re lucky enough to live right on the beach or just want to bring a little bit of the beachy vibe into your space. To get this look at home, start with a light color palette and slipcovers for a casual feel (no need to worry about sand getting everywhere). Then add in nautical-themed accents like rope knots and seashells to really capture that oceanfront feel.

The glamorous look

If you’re looking for a modern living room design with a bit of glamour, you can’t go wrong with electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces add instant elegance to any space, and they come in a variety of styles to suit any taste. For a truly luxurious look, go for an electric fireplace with a marble surround. Or, for something a bit more modern, try an electric fireplace with a sleek metal frame. Either way, electric fireplaces in Salt Lake City are a great way to add some wow factor to your living room.

The eclectic look

Not sure what your personal style is? Or maybe you just enjoy mixing and matching different design elements? If so, then an eclectic living room might be right up your alley. This look is all about combining different styles and textures to create a one-of-a-kind space that reflects your personality perfectly. Not sure where to start? Begin by picking out your favorite pieces (like a vintage rug or set of midcentury chairs) then build the rest of the room around them!

The minimalist look

Of all the modern living room designs out there, minimalist spaces are perhaps some of the most popular thanks to their simple yet stylish appeal. If you’re considering going minimal with your next redesign, start with keeping things clean and clutter-free— think crisp white walls along with sleek lines and unfussy furnishings layered throughout the room; that said, there’s no need for your space to feel cold or sterile— a few carefully chosen pieces of art or greenery can go a long way towards adding some warmth back into the room.

The colorful look

Want to make a big statement without going overboard? Consider painting your entire living room one bold color! This impactful move will instantly brighten up any space (particularly dark rooms), making it feel larger than life in the process. Does such a daring design choice intimidate you? Don’t worry, you can always start small by painting an accent wall or adding some colorful pillows or artwork into the mix before taking things to extremes. No matter how you choose to incorporate color into your next redesign, one thing’s for sure: it’ll definitely make things interesting!