Vocabulary is an essential part of language learning, and teaching vocabulary in a productive way should be at the forefront of your hearts as English teachers. Teaching new words to kids seems like a fairly simple suggestion at first.

It is always a good idea for English teachers to get knowledge from teaching materials. Whether you work for yourself or at school, saving paper and other classroom resources reduces teaching work and makes it more economical. You can use spelling bee words for practicing vocabulary words.

Read on to find out how the vocabulary list can help.

1. Create a sample sentence for each word in the list.

At least in most cases, reading and memorizing is not enough. But when you use new words in your sentences, you can take a really big step. Try it and see for yourself.

2. Write words on the flashcard and practice every day.

Flashcards are special flashcards used to store data. These are good tools to use when learning a new language.

3. Practice dictation to learn to spell.

Dictate. Yes, you can do it yourself. Follow the steps below.

  • Write all the words (preferably ten or less at a time) on two rows of paper. One is for English, and the other is for translation into your language.
  • Then fold the paper so that only the translations for your language are displayed.
  • Then take the extra paper and write the English word that corresponds to the translated word. Don’t look at the answer! The important thing is to remember it from the bottom of your heart.
  • When you’re done, compare the English word you just wrote with the original paper word.
  • At first, you may not. But believe me, after a few rounds, you won’t believe how much you’ve improved!

However, be careful. Don’t spend a lot of time dictating. Like flashcards, they work on pure memorization, not knowing. Therefore, these should be used as complementary exercises, not as major exercises.

4. Practice words in conversations with friends.

Try to have a conversation and include as many words as possible. Conversations don’t necessarily have to make sense. It can be more fun otherwise. The important thing is to increase your vocabulary and laugh a lot along the way! You can teach dictation for class 6 kids with help of online assignments.

Benefits of learning dictation words

English is a universal language around the world. Learning English vocabulary is now a prerequisite for the best schools, colleges, jobs, and social events. A good English vocabulary will give you an instantly positive impression of your level of education, ability, and success. It makes it easier for you to succeed in all areas of your life.

To build a large vocabulary, you need more than a word list or flashcards. But like everything else in your time, there is technical help! Therefore, learning English vocabulary does not have to stop your life. With technology, you can apply multiple learning strategies to accelerate growth and benefit from:

  • Build confidence. The moment you are convinced of yourself, all stuttering and clumsiness will stop, and you will be able to clarify your point of view without fear of rejection. This is very important both at university and at work.
  • Get attention. When you speak, you want people to stop and listen. When you are confident, you can project your voice and create the impression that people love to hear you. You will be the focus of every discussion and make decisions. You can learn and practice dictation words by visiting this site https://spellquiz.com.
  • Excellent performance in the exam. An important component of the IQ, SAT, GMAT and GRE tests are evaluating commands in the English vocabulary. This is because vocabulary is the best predictor of general intelligence and ability. Therefore, mastering advanced vocabulary guarantees success in these tests.
  • Make your ideas easy to express-Providing the right words to express your ideas effectively makes all the difference in communicating points, whether it’s social, formal, or in the lab.

Conclusion: You can accelerate learning by more than 200% by combining learning techniques such as repetition, word usage, voice pronunciation, and visual progress tracking. Improving your vocabulary is the best investment you can make for yourself, which will bring immediate benefits to your career, life, and school success.