Switching to ‘green’ solar power energy is indeed a wise decision made. But then you are to buy a variety of things including the solar mounting system. But besides these parts, what other things should you take into account? Without proper planning, the installation might go wrong. 

Preparing the roof to install solar mounting system

It is important on your part to ensure that your roof is prepared to install the solar panels and it functions efficiently. Several vital questions are to be taken into consideration before making the final switch. You may go through the leading portals like https://www.mbt-energy.com/ to get a better idea on the things to be done and avoided. 

Three vital aspects are to be considered while making the switch to solar energy.  

  • Your roof’s present condition.
  • Your roof’s appearance.
  • The amount of shade it receives throughout the day.

Getting to know the above aspects can help determine whether to go ahead to derive quotes from the leading solar racking supplier or not. 

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Roof appearance

Performing a quick inspection will enable you to know if your roof is available now to carry out solar panel installation or not. Again, you are to take into account three major aspects like:

  • The roof’s age.
  • Roofing material to use.
  • Potential obstacles to face when installing solar panels.

Roof age

As the roof ages, it may require some repair or reconstruction work to be strong enough to install and hold the solar array in its desired position. Undertaking this task will be crucial to ensure saving on huge expenses which otherwise has to be borne if solar panels are already installed and roof replacement becomes vital. 

Roofing materials

As the solar panels get installed routinely on asphalt and metal roofs, certain roofing materials like Spanish tiles and slate will require taking more care during solar panel installation. The experienced pv system supplier can guide you to making the right decision. In case delicate materials are used for the roof construction then the professional roofer should be consulted before installing mounting panels. 

Potential obstacles faced

It is nectar to lay down the solar panels n straight rows. There can however be obstacles like dormers and vents that might limit the number of panels that may fit the roof. The supplier can provide you with knowledge on how to overcome such obstacles when installing tile roof solar mounting system

Under roof condition

Based on the roof’s existing condition, it might require replacement before new panels are installed. Roof should be inspected for certain conditions like the following:

  • Strains or leaks present on walls or in the attic.
  • Damaged trusses or rafters.
  • Dirty looking, dark spots on roof.
  • Mildew

Tile roof solar mounting system is better installed in a roof that is good condition. This way, you do not have to worry about repairing it for quite some time and get to enjoy unlimited supply of power without having to pay huge energy bills.  Also buy a quality tile roof mounting bracket to ensure the panels and its parts are held to its place tightly.