wonders of garlic

Whether it be the freshly baked garlic bread or the aromatic garlic butter topping, one cannot dispute the goodness that garlic brings to the food.

However, garlic is not your run of the mill condiment. To call it extremely beneficial would not be a stretch. Some of the health benefits of garlic include:

Protects against cold

Common cold is a great inconvenience that also takes a great toll on the physical health. Caused to the virus, the symptoms of common cold include bodily aches, congestion, cough, sore throat, low-grade fever, runny nose etc.

Whereas most symptoms of the cold improve on their own, some cases can take a turn for the worse, requiring intervention of the Best ENT Specialist in Islamabad.

While garlic does not cure the infection per se, but it decreases the frequency of the colds.

Protects your food

Since garlic is an anti-bacterial, adding it to the food can help in controlling any bad bacteria that it might contain, thereby preventing food poisoning.

Prevents blood clotting

Blood clots can form due to various reasons and can be dangerous for the body. If it makes its way to the brain, it may impede blood supply to it, thereby causing stroke.

A blood clot that obstructs blood flow to the muscles of heart can cause heart attack. The use of garlic can help in reducing the instances of clot formation.

Aids in lowering inflammation

Chronic inflammation carries many risks for the body, including chronic ailments like arthritis, which is remarked by pain in the joints, diabetes, a condition in which the body is unable to regulate sugar levels, and even cancer, which is remarked by the unregulated growth of cells.

The use of garlic can help in decreasing inflammation in the body, and therefore help in lowering the probability of the serious ailments that may occur as a result.

Good source of antioxidants

Free radicals are harmful substances that may accumulate in the body and cause damage. Antioxidants, on the other hand, help in suppressing them. When there are more free radicals than the antidote in the body, it is referred to as oxidative stress. Alongside damaging the cells, it also poses the risk of grave issues like cancer as well.

Garlic, as an excellent antioxidant, can help prevent this scenario from occurring.  

Good for the skin

Garlic is good for people suffering from acne, as it helps in limiting the bacteria that cause it. Therefore, garlic aids in preventing acne breakouts, giving you a better chance at having clear skin.

However, topical application of garlic may sting a little. It is always important to patch test and consult your doctor first.

Helps with hypertension

High blood pressure is a serious condition that occurs when the blood exerts greater pressure on the walls of the arteries. It not only damages the arterial structure, but it also increases the risk of blood clot formation.

Amongst the dangers of hypertension are stroke, heart attack, eye problems, kidney issues etc. Hence, regulating blood pressure is imperative, and garlic can help you with that.

Helps in lowering cholesterol levels

High levels of bad cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular issues alongside the great risk of heart attack. Garlic helps in moderating the bad cholesterol levels alongside helping in the increase of the good cholesterol, so that the overall levels favor the body.

Neurological issues

There are many neurological issues that occur on account of aging. The more commonly known include Alzheimer’s and Dementia, both of which cause memory loss.

The use of garlic can help in decreasing the risk of developing these neurological problems.


Better immunity

Garlic is also good for boosting immunity. So, the flu and the cough that had you constant at Maroof International Hospital might not plague you at the same rate as they did. Similarly, better immunity also helps the body fight the pathogens better.