1. Where is Canada?

Canada is a country in North America, but it’s actually pretty far north. It’s located between the United States and Greenland, to be exact. In fact, it borders just one other US state: Alaska! Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories. The provinces are Alberta (abbreviated AB), British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (MB), New Brunswick (NB), Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Nova Scotia (NS), Ontario (ON) Prince Edward Island (PEI) Quebec(QC) Saskatchewan(SK). The territories are Northwest Territories(NT) Nunavut(NU) Yukon Territory(YT).

2. What time zone does canada use? Why?

Canada uses the UTC-08:00 time zone for Daylight Savings Time, or UTC-07:00 if they don’t use Daylight Savings Time. I had to do special programs in Canada to help them figure out when to do what. When I was in Canada, it was always daylight somewhere, and that’s a good thing.

3. Why do they keep talking about the metric system?

Yeah, you’ve probably heard people talk about the metric system before or something like that. It’s actually pretty straightforward to convert from metrics to imperials (which I prefer) or vice versa (in my opinion). Let’s just use kilometers as an example. 1 kilometer is equal to .62 miles: 1000 meters = 0.62 miles. In fact, I think it’s actually 0.63 miles. Anyway, that means a kilometer is just over 2/3 of a mile (which is around 1.61 miles).

4. Do they use US currency?

Yes! They actually use Canadian dollars and not US dollars like you might expect (haha). There are 100 cents in a dollar, and there are 20 Canadian coins to one dollar ($1 = $20). These include the 1 cent coin (penny), the 5 cent coin (nickel), the 10 cent coin (dime), the 25 cent coin(quarter) and 50 cent coin(half-dollar) as well as loonie ($1 bill) and toonie($2 bill). In addition to this there is also what they call a “tip” or “gratuity.” This is an extra amount of money that you can automatically add onto your meal or drink order so that you might have some extra money for yourself or somebody else after paying for your meal/drink. Tip: You can’t really tip on every type of transaction because it’s optional in Canada… For example if you buy something at McDonalds, eating at Starbucks or any other place with an automatic tip system where they ask you how much of a tip you would like to provide before ordering instead of afterwards. For example, if you get a coffee at Starbucks and decide to give a $2 tip automatically (which I recommend) that will cost you about $5.25 Canadian dollars. That’s because they’re only making a 25% profit margin on each drink, so they have to make up for it somehow…

5. Are there any other places that use the US dollar?

Yes! The US dollar is used in several countries around the world including Bahamas, Belize, Turks and Caicos Islands and El Salvador but they also use their own currency as well (for example: saltfish). In some cases these countries actually use the US dollar as their main currency or official currency such as Puerto Rico which uses both the US dollar and its own Puerto Rican peso interchangeably! This means when you go to Puerto Rico you can buy stuff with either one of these currencies without much difficulty… I don’t know why I’m telling this it’s not relevant but whatever.

6. What is the population of Canada?

Canada’s population is estimated to be about 37,851,000 (November 26, 2016) which makes it the second largest country in the world (behind Russia). However, it’s only surpassed by China and India in terms of total number of people. To put that into perspective: The United States has a population of 325 million people… That’s nearly double what Canada has! So imagine if there were still 3 United States’ worth of land mass on top of Canada… That would add up to about 1.5 billion people without any extra land mass at all… They could make that work somehow right? If they do I’ll be sure to let you know how they did it. In fact I might go over there myself and see what happens! Anyway this was kind better than just writing “Population: 37 million” or something like that right? I can’t imagine how much space would be wasted if I wrote exactly how many people lived in Canada… Oh yeah one last thing: Did you realize we have a lot more readers than most other websites online because we’re so successful! Someone called us the “Wikipedia Of Social Media!” Haha nice job bro! You’re a real leader dude or dudette whatever gender you are as long as your cool with me calling you dude or whatever else isn’t too offensive.

I hope you enjoyed this piece about Canada and I hope you learned something new. If you’re looking for more advice on Canada, check out my other articles on Canada!