I am not a big fragrance person. My dad was in the military, and I think his no nonsense, no flash demeanor rubbed off on me. Thus, I tend to be naturally put off by showy displays of male fashion, such as big collars, gold chains and loud fragrances. In other words, you don’t come to me if you want a recommend for cologne. I am liable to wrinkle my brow and suggest that you read more, especially the classics, so that you might develop your intellect and rise beyond superficialities and look for a mate that does the same.

    Gaining a significant other causes you to compromise on some of your beliefs.  When your spouse gifts you with fragrances, you best be open-minded to wearing them, if you know what is good for you. To be fair, my wife has good test in fragrances. I enjoy Versace, Yves St. Lauren and even Bath and Body Works fragrances. However what stands out is Paco Rabanne. It’s a different level. Paco Rabanne smells good, damn good. Especially Paco Rabanne 1 Million. It’s a different level and it’s hard to explain. It’s doesn’t have the regular floral or musky smell. It’s got some type of distilled essence that is difficult to source, but it jumps out as being a different level of scent. I was once in a restaurant where the waitress who was serving us said “I don’t know who it is, but one of you smells really good”.

I was well past the status of wearing fragrances for the transactional reasons that single males do. However, I do find that when I go out with my wife to a nice restaurant and I got my favorite dress shirt, slacks and blazer on, and my wife is wearing her favorite outfit, a good scent tends to add to the atmosphere the same that good background music does. Have you ever gone to a nice club where they were playing some smooth jazz, maybe some John Coltrane. You tend to find getting into that good mellow mood and enjoying your time and space. A good fragrance, like Paco Rabanne, can add to that. In fact, if you think of the memories that stand out in your lifetime, usually there is a scent associated with that as well. I still remember the smell of the exhaust of the Greyhound buses my family had to board when we were heading back from visiting my grandparents in the Carolinas.

   As is no surprise however, Paco Rabanne is not cheap. You find over time that when you pay more for an high-quality item, it tends to be worth it, because quality tends to equal durability. I still have the Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette that I was gift with almost ten years ago. As you may be aware, over time many fragrances go bad and end up smelling like vinegar. My Paco Rabanne still smells good. I cannot detect any deterioration at all in the scent.

   While I still don’t purchase a lot of fragrances, I tend to look for the smaller online stores that have the out of the way bargains that you find when you leave Amazon. Once place that I would suggest for the likeminded is Youregogoods.com. Be sure to check them out at the beginning of the week when the inventory seems to change. Sometimes you find some decent pricing accidents that work out in your favor.