TAG Heuer: TOP 4 Watches You Should Add to Your Collection

TAG Heuer has always been a household brand in the world of sports. Dating back to 1860, Edouard Heuer founded the Heuer Watch Company. With its excellent precision and craftsmanship, it has become a preference in terms of timing sports events. Such is indeed the case given its presence in the Antwerp, Paris, and Amsterdam Olympics. 

Later on, in 1933, Heuer launched the Autavia, a successful innovation that exhibits a timer function and can run without wounding for eight days. Years passed and countless timepiece models have been introduced by this exquisite brand. As Techniques d’Avant Garde acquired the said company, we can see the excellent artistry in TAG Heuer for ourselves today.

  1. TAG Heuer Carrera

Deriving its name from the legendary road race called Mexican Carrera Panamericana, the TAG Heuer Carrera watch has a fascinating story behind it. It all started in 1962 with Jack Heuer watching the 12-hour legendary race at Sebring, Floride. Inspired by the fierce nature of the event, it led him to design watch models solely for racing.

What made this particular timepiece well-regarded? Let’s talk first about the design. This watch model is pieced using a shock-resistant and waterproof case. It is engineered using a 36mm steel case and the Valjoux 72 manual winding movement. Of course, there’s the presence of the TAG Heuer touch of innovative and modern styles. 

This timepiece model received great recognition from watch enthusiasts and professional racers with the brand’s reputable name. Later on, the brand released subsequent models with similar designs. One of them is the TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic. This trend held through for over half a century and this timepiece became one of the brand’s most celebrated watch models.

  1. TAG Heuer Formula 1

Adapting the ideological template of using vibrant colors, affordable movements, synthetic cases, and such, this timepiece was able to attract many buyers. Eddy Burgener designed the first generation of this watch family. It is made with a creative and vibrantly colored case crafted with stainless steel and Fibreglass and plastic straps.

This particular timepiece is made to preserve the sporting vibe, and it utilizes Ronda’s innovative design of a complicated mechanical quartz movement. Though that is indeed the case, it is one of the modest watch models in the TAG Heuer range.

  1. TAG Heuer Aquaracer

With its affinity to watersports, this watch model drifts apart from other timepieces, not in the engineering, but the concept. This particular timepiece is one of the greatest choices when going underwater. With its standard design that meets the high threshold with regard to artistry and functionalities, rest assured that you can go underwater without worry. 

One of the popular variant models is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M. As its name implies, it exhibits water resistance up to three hundred meters of depth. It has a ceramic bezel and a striped dial, which overall makes up the excellent design of the timepiece. This model also has variants for ladies, so regardless of who wears it, they can enjoy underwater activities.

  1. TAG Heuer Monaco 

The TAG Heuer Monaco watch is the world’s first waterproof timepiece and also exhibits an automatic chronograph with a square case. It got its name from the Monaco Formula One race, and one of these watches, the TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph has been worn on the wrist of the famous Steve McQueen while filming the movie, Le Mans.

This timepiece has a beveled sapphire crystal which is cut at the right angles that makes up its excellent design. With the constant innovations made, which are evident with its achievement for attaining perfect water resistance for a square case, the TAG Heuer Monaco is undoubtedly a favorite among watch connoisseurs. 

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TAG Heuer is a luxury timepiece brand that has penetrated numerous countries with its reputable name. It is a given that you can get your watch on the physical stores that you can find in your local area. Although you can indeed do that, a much better choice is to opt for online shopping for convenience and safety.

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Check your TAG Heuer’s authenticity with these tips

TAG Heuer is often imitated and counterfeited for its outstanding craftsmanship. Naturally, you would want to steer clear of fake watch models. As a luxury brand, it is to be expected that you would spend a lot of money. Check your TAG Heuer timepiece’s authenticity by checking these things below.

  • Serial number. The serial number consists of two to three letters and four numbers. Remember that each serial number is unique to every timepiece.
  • Serial number location. It should be on the case-back. If transparent, it should be on the crystal’s edge.
  • Sapphire crystal. Try putting some water drops on the glass of your watch. It is a sapphire crystal if it forms a pool on its surface. 
  • Logo. If you see glue residue and if the logos are not cut sharply, it is probably unauthentic.
  • Features. Taking a look at the features that your watch model should and shouldn’t have by referring to its official website is a clever thing to do. 
  • Crown. If there is some resistance or movement inside when turning the crown, it is probably a counterfeit.
  • Bracelet. Every seam or link should be in its place.
  • Store. Get your TAG Heuer watch from trusted stores like The Watch Company.


We have seen how famous and well-crafted TAG Heuer watches are. It has continuously made its name in the world of sports and set numerous records. With its reputation, you can rest assured that it is undoubtedly worth it to get your TAG Heuer watch today, not only for its brand but also for its quality.