Most Reliable Refrigerator Brands In India
Most Reliable Refrigerator Brands In India

In a race to be crowned the best refrigerator company in the Indian market, all the top brands are competing with each other to produce some of the most advanced and out-of-the-box models. Therefore, a host of top-notch refrigerators currently available in the market can put any random customer in a state of dubiety. 

Here is a systematic refrigerator buying guide to some of the best refrigerator brands, and what they have to offer.

  1. Samsung

    Samsung has been one of the world’s best manufacturers of refrigerators. From single and double door refrigerators, to the latest side-by-side refrigerators, Samsung has been producing models that stand out in terms of design and quality. Samsung’s finest double door refrigerator, the RT49K6758S9, has a capacity of 476 litres, which is perfect for a family for 4 or more. Samsung refrigerators also come with a number of operating modes like Regular, Vacation, Seasonal, Home Alone etc., that help one optimize power in different situations. All of their double-door models are also frost-free, meaning manual cleaning of ice is no more a burden for the customers.
  2. Haier

    Haier is also renowned for producing some of the best double door refrigerators in the Indian market. Refrigerators like the HRF-3674BKS-E from Haier have the innovative 1 hour Icing Technology that comes handy when guests are over, and you need to freeze some ice for their cold coffee. Most Haier refrigerators also support 360 degree cooling that enables cool, fresh air to reach every nook and corner of the fridge, thus keeping the food fresh. Haier also offers a wide range of bottom mounted refrigerators (BMRs) that allows the customers to not bend down every time they want to open the fridge. The products also come with unique add-ons like the utility box that helps one to store all their medicinal and beauty products in one place.
  3. LG

LG continues to be a leading name in the world of electronic appliances. The brand offers a number of extraordinary double door refrigerators under its name. LG refrigerators come with the cutting edge Smart Inverter Compressor technology that helps you conserve more energy, and goes easy on your electricity bills. At the same time, all these refrigerators also have impressive cooling technologies. The Door Cooling+™ feature makes cooling 35% faster by installing air vents in the door side of the compartments. Not just that; LG’s range of ConvertiblePLUS refrigerators ensure there is no space cramp by allowing you to convert your freezer into a fridge to store your fresh produce. 

  1. Whirlpool

    Whirlpool has its range of double door refrigerators with advanced technology and innovative design that aids both cooling and storage. The IntelliFresh 500 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator by Whirlpool, like all its other similar models, is powered by Adaptive Intelligence that analyses data to tune the refrigerator into its optimum temperature. Other than this, the Microblock technology in their fridges also keeps microbes away from your food, thus keeping them fresh for a longer period of time.
  2. Bosch

    Bosch’s German-engineered refrigerators are perfect for every Indian home. Their Serie | 4 and Serie | 6 range of refrigerators are designed to provide a long-lasting service, while being extremely energy-efficient. The brilliant VitaFresh Technology in their refrigerators keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for long hours, while the 6 intelligent sensors located in various places within the fridge help keep a check on the power consumption. Features like the Automatic Holiday Mode detect a drop in the usage, and automatically go into power-saving mode within the next 8 hours, thus helping you cut down on electricity bills.

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