best top quality home theatre
best top quality home theatre

You can buy an audio amplifier individually, but that will lead to excess costs. So, what is the best alternative? The answer to this question is to buy a 5.1 home theater. They are affordable and usually come in packages, so you don’t have to purchase the components separately. They also come with a guide book making it easier for you to set up. You would have heard about Philips home theatre, although that’s not the only one available.

Now that you decided to buy a home theatre, what aspects or features do you need to consider? Here are a few,

  1. Speaker type and quality
  2. Budget-friendliness
  3. Space it occupies
  4. What type of receiver is best?
  5. Energy or power efficiency.
  6. Type of connectivity

Here are a few of the top-quality home theatres that might be worth your money.

  • Sony HT-RT3 (Dolby Digital Soundbar)

Sony is a well-known brand all across the world. It offers the best quality products. This home theatre is one of the top 5.1 home theatres available today. Some of the available features are,

  1. It has a USB port
  2. It has optical inputs
  3. It is known for its one-touch listening feature.
  4. It has a power output of six hundred watts
  5. It comes with a ready to install feature
  • Philips Audio with Bluetooth media

This Philips home theatre is the best in the market. Its promising feature is to support different file formats. It’s easy to set up and is one of the most affordable compared to all the others. Philips is an international company, and therefore people trust them with the quality.

Some of its features are,

  1. It has a computer speaker type
  2. One of the unique features of the product is that it comes with a built-in radio.
  3. You can use it with laptops, computers and also MP3 players
  4. It has Bluetooth connectivity, and therefore, we can listen to the audio in wireless mode
  5. It has multiple ports, and thus can you can easily connect then to different types of electronic devices
  • Tecnia Atom 504 (5.1 channel Bluetooth based home theatre)

The Atom home theatre is the best and most popular in today’s technology devices. It has distinct features that make the product unique. The whole system is wooden-enclosed and therefore offers distortion prevention.

Here are some of the features,

  1. The rotated volume control is illuminated in blue colour, making it visible even in the dark.
  2. It has a bass switch and a USB reading port.
  3. It has an inbuilt radio setting option.
  4. There are different rounded buttons present, and you can use them to either control the sound or the other features like start, stop and fast forward, etc.
  5. It can be connected to all hand-held devices making it compatible with almost all electronic devices.
  • F&D Speakers

The sound system can go to as high as five thousand watts. The wooden cage over the system prevents any distortion no matter how loud the sound is. It has multiple unique features and also has inbuilt satellite speakers. The glossy look it has makes it home decor and attracts attention. It is available in almost all classy colours.

Some of the features are,

  1. It has the best and diverse connectivity options
  2. It has an inbuilt voltage regulator that is automated, and therefore, there is no need for you to buy it separately.
  3. It responds to frequencies as small as 20 Hz to as high as 20 kilo Hz
  4. It has an LED indicator that turns to green colour.
  • IKALL IK-401

It has FM/USB and AUX support and is one of the best in the market today. It has not just one but four satellite speakers. So, when you watch films online, then it gives you the best theatre experience. It has a digital display, and therefore you can control it easily. It comes in a very glossy design attracting the eye of customers.

Some of the features are,

  1. It has a total power output of sixty watts that makes IKALL the best choice.
  2. It comes with a USB port and also has Bluetooth and AUX connectivity. It makes it possible for us to hear the audio in wireless mode.
  3. It has LED Buttons to switch on and off anytime you want
  4. It has four satellite speakers and each one with an impedance of eight ohms.
  • Krison’s Nexon

It has a 2.1 channel and has inbuilt FM radio features. It is one of the top 5 best home theatres to listen to on the board. It has an inbuilt subwoofer, and therefore there is no need for you to set up one externally.

Some of its features are,

  1. It can have a power output of as high as thirty watts
  2. It comes at an affordable price
  3. It has a digital display that makes it easier for you to control it
  4. It has Bluetooth connectivity and also a USB port.

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