Social media listening also called social media monitoring is the ability to listen to and analyze data without access to the communication channel, allowing you to obtain insights from multiple social media platforms and distribution channels for the purpose of driving action. It is a great way to get to know your target audience and learn what they’re saying about you and your competitors. Social media listening is an opportunity for businesses to gather, analyze, and derive the most effective insight from their social data.

It can involve collecting data from social media networks and publishing it into infographics and graphs. The output is a collection of rich data, including demographic, social and political trends, patterns in user behavior, and sentiment data. Social media listening allows businesses to keep a close eye on how audiences use various media for their marketing campaigns and to capture information about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This helps companies understand how social media data may be a strategic asset in managing business risks and spotting market trends.

Understanding Audiences

Social media listening gives marketers the opportunity to understand their audiences’ interests and opinions. It helps brands to connect with their audience, and allows them to deliver information about what they have and what they are doing right from the source, using social media. It is also one of the most effective ways of generating leads. With NetBase Quid, businesses can identify key influencers in their industry and understand their attitudes, behaviors and intent through analysis of social content, news, customer comments and competitive analysis.

NetBase Quid has a team of social experts that can follow a social trail from the initial comment to the conversion of leads to sale. They leverage the social graph to provide greater insight to industry insights and provide deeper insights into consumer behavior. The NetBase Quid platform is an all-in-one marketing intelligence and data science platform that makes it easy to monitor, engage, and understand consumers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The platform gives marketers the ability to see all the conversations happening in the social media conversation, and then curate, analyze, and act on it.

Data from Multiple Channels

Businesses will struggle to keep up with the volume and complexities of the data they collect, analyze, and publish across channels. NetBase Quid gathers data from multiple channels including chat forums, social networks, blogs, email, and telephone calls, and connects it with data from company databases. The information provided through the platform is collated in real time, allowing businesses to target audiences.

What does NetBase Quid do? It gives brands insights into consumer behavior across all social media channels. The insights are delivered through a web-based dashboard which displays social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. It allows the creation of customizable dashboards and allows marketers to assess the content across social media channels in real-time.

Monitoring Social Media

Social media monitoring uses complex analytics techniques and technology to monitor the presence of mentions of an enterprise brand, products, or services, the social media profiles of its key stakeholders, and the key hashtags related to those consumers, all on a single platform.

The process interprets data from social media so that you can make decisions about your market, consumer segment or product. You can monitor all the social accounts of your business and even monitor customers’ conversations.

Why Use NetBase?

NetBase is an independent, private equity-backed provider of consumer data-driven marketing solutions. The company’s mission is to bring together industry leaders and entrepreneurs to provide our customers with the tools and insights they need to power personalized marketing.

By keeping tabs on your competitors, you can manage your online reputations and monitor the success of your competitors’ campaigns. NetBase Quid wants to put the power of digital marketing into the hands of the business owner. Is the NetBase Quid service user friendly? Social media monitoring has become a necessary part of a business’s marketing strategy.