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Palmhouse Digital Marketing operates in Metro Vancouver, Canada aimed at helping local small businesses expand their brand and marketing strategy. At Palmhouse, we focus on all things digital, including Google Ads and Analytics, as well as Facebook Ads and Analytics, along with graphic design and content creation.

Building the Brand:

Social Media Marketing plays an important part when building your brand. It is a way for your business to engage with your customers, showcase your product and just have fun! Keep your audience engaged and keep the content coming, and that’s exactly what we can help you with, from designing templates to creating fresh content to help kickstart your brand!

Web Design:

Web design is fun and a perfect way to transition from the old school “Brick & Mortar” store front to moving into an online world! Covid-19 is pushing businesses to think outside the box, and selling on an online platform is the perfect way to expand into the online world!

Logos and Graphic Design:

Logos and Graphics are visuals that help connect consumers with your brand. More than just an icon, your graphics should emulate the meaning of your brand. Working with you to either update or custom design your business’s logo, let’s help you find a design that simply makes sense!

About Us:

While my professional experience is with CPG’s and the Retail industry, my formal education is in Marketing Management, as I am graduating with a BBA from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Here I was able to fine tune my skillset for consumer insights, and understanding the different decisions that come into play in the customer buying process. In addition to my degree, I also have a certificate in International Business from the School of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northern Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz). Over the past year, I have been able to help local businesses on increase their brand awareness, develop their platform and increase their social media engagement.

Time to Refresh Your Home With These DIY Tips

Refresh Your Home With These DIY Tips
Refresh Your Home With These DIY Tips

With many people working from home and spending more time inside their home, the house needs some resting time as well. The coronavirus outbreak made all of us spend a lot more time in our homes than we could ever imagine. From working, studying, and keeping ourselves entertained in our homes, we have adapted to this new lifestyle. 

Even now in 2021, when the restrictions have eased, state governments have allowed people to slightly resume the old lifestyle. A lot of Americans tend to enjoy their time at home to avoid the risk of getting infected. While living in your home might sound the most comfortable state to be in but it requires an effort to bring the comfort and freshness back. 

Since we are reaching the completion of a year of living in our home, some of us have not managed to give the home the clean-up it requires.

Reevaluate Your Current Lifestyle

The lifestyle and patterns that worked for you last year would not be the same right now. The coronavirus outbreak had made you adjust your lifestyle abruptly. Staying at home and performing your work duties has initiated a hustle that you never created. 

However, it is in your hands to reevaluate the living standards and think of ways on how to make it much better. Also since you’re working from home you have all the time in the world to have a quick scan of your house and mark the things that need replacements, changes, and modifications. 

So let us get started.

Have Better Internet and Cable TV Service

What is a home if not a place with the best internet and cable?

Internet at home has always been a requirement, but now a high-speed internet service has become the need. Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have realized how important it is to have better internet service that can manage your internet needs. 

If you are studying from home or your family members are watching shows through streaming platforms you need high-speed internet service. Apart from this, you also need a better cable TV service for your home to feel at peace. 

Not everyone on the internet is watching a sports game via live stream or watching their favorite shows on a small scream. Sometimes people need a relaxing time and have an extended TV-watching session. To make this happen you need to invest in better cable TV service. 

The answer to both of the requirements is Spectrum. It brings the best internet, cable TV, and even phone service to homes across the United States. Spectrum Select bundles is one example of various Spectrum packages for top-notch cable TV service, internet service, and more. 

Invest in Good Lighting

If you want to make sure that your heart stays in the house and doesn’t long for the outside world you need to put some effort on the lighting. A place with good lighting can bring the best out of you. 

For this, you might want to go with Nanoleaf as it has one of the most amazing LED light panels that will light up your place. In addition, you need a light that can dim and brighten to switch up the mood in your place. 

Decorate with Living Plants

To give your house a fresh-looking atmosphere, you need new plants. The best way to create a fresh, clean, and much-needed atmosphere you need to decorate your home with the best fresh plants. 

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The fresh plants can also help in engaging the aura of your home and make or more worth spending time in. 

New Look for the Bathroom

We don’t know about you, but for us, a bathroom is a place worth spending more time in. To give your home a good fresh look you need to put a little more effort into decorating your bathroom. 

You can rejuvenate your bathroom with some cute and small decoration stuff, wall hangings, and bathroom essentials. Buy some scented candles, a good shower curtain, and some bath essentials to give your bathroom a more refreshed atmosphere. 

Put in Some Efforts

Now that you have to spend a lot more time in your home, you should not shy away from putting some effort into making it better. 

Does Your Phone Keep Disconnecting From WIFI? Here’s How To Fix It

Does your phone keep disconnecting from WIFI? Here’s why how to fix it.

Is your phone facing problems staying connected to your home or office network? Is the issue peculiar to a single Wi-Fi network or all other networks as well? You don’t have to worry.  We have some solutions for you. Does your phone abruptly get disconnected from a Wi-Fi network minutes after initiating a connection? Does this happen every time or occasionally? Whatever the situation is, this article will help you get it fixed. Let’s get right into it.


Sometimes, simply reinitiating connection to the Wi-Fi network that keeps disconnecting could help fix the issue. Here’s how to get it done on your Android device.

Usually, when there are multiple available networks in the range of your phone, the Android OS tries to connect to the network with the best signal strength. This is a brilliant feature. One downside is that in the process of finding and switching to the best network, your device’s Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.READ  Tips for Keeping Company Data Safe in the Cloud


Some apps help you get the best out of Wi-Fi networks on your Android device but sometimes affects its functionality. Some examples of these apps are VPNs and Wi-Fi Prioritizing apps. If any of such apps that could cause network interference on your device, temporarily disabling or turning it/them off could help.

If you have an antivirus app installed and active on your device, you should disable it or turn it off and see if it fixes the Wi-Fi disconnection and reconnection issues. This worked for some Android users.


Resetting your Android smartphone’s network settings could also help fix this issue. What a network reset does is to refresh your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, cellular network settings, Bluetooth settings, and VPN configurations. This helps to fix network and connectivity issues on your device.


It is common knowledge that restarting your phone (or any device at all) helps fix some issues it could be facing. This age-long troubleshooting technique could also fix issues with Android Wi-Fi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Simply tap and hold your phone Power button and select Restart.


You also want to ensure that your phone isn’t blocked from accessing the network. Because if it is, that could be the major reason why your device can’t stay hooked to the network. If you have access to the router’s admin panel/dashboard, unblock your device if it has been blacklisted or blocked. If you do not have access to the router’s admin panel, contact someone who does.READ  Oxford University Press South Africa Uploads Video Series For Students


If your device isn’t blocked or blacklisted from the router, check that it (read: the router) is functioning properly. Typically, restarting a router fixes some connectivity issues; you might want to try that. Upon restart, reconnect your phone to the network and see if it disconnects.

F95Zone: Your Ultimate Guide and It’s Best Alternatives [Update 2021]

As bizarre as the name of the site seems to be, F95Zone is one of the most famous grown-up networks that help you support better connections and have an open discourse with individuals from over the world.

F95Zone: Latest Updates

In any case, isn’t conversing with individuals on the web perilous? No, when you have a grown-up network as sheltered and checked as the f95 Zone, it’s anything but unexpected that individuals don’t hesitate to talk and examine things with others in the system.

Internet games are simply the ideal approaches to keep occupied and engaged in the solace of our homes. However long you approach the web, it isn’t easy to investigate your decision rounds whenever anyplace.

F95Zone: Latest Games Updates

These games come in different dialects, types, and structures, allowing clients to have a good time with something they comprehend and like. They are accessible and can suit watchers of all ages and are available in different kinds from sports, games, and table games. The thing that matters is that a few types are generally played among grown-up gamers than others.

On the off chance that you haven’t gone over comparable grown-up networks worth believing, we’d recommend you peruse till the conclusion to know why the f95 games network is such a worthy endeavor.

What is the F95 Zone?

Before we examine anything, recognizing what f95 discussion involves is critical. This is a grown-up online network where you can associate with many individuals from over the world with a comparative outlook.

So what would it be advisable for you to consider when searching for a gaming elective? I would say individuals search for stages where their preferred subjects are being talked about. That’s how you also can make companions in the virtual world. You will need a visit bunch where individuals communicate in manners you can identify with and use words that draw your consideration. That is how individuals picked the gathering to be essential.

Investigate a kid in a live-in school who is a loner and presented to harassing and mortification; making companions is extreme for them. When they become gamers, they can manufacture an organization with individuals of like personalities and be important for something significant and advantageous.

Since much of the time gamers don’t meet, you won’t experience the ill effects of character emergencies since you just decided to dependent on your commitments. When a game begins, each player is equivalent, and only the game chooses your degree of aptitude. Along these lines, underneath are locales that are viewed as the best swaps for F95 Zone:

What are the highlights of the f95zone?to site?

With the presentation done, we examine a portion of the significant classifications and highlights that you can discover on the site.

It is planned with numerous classes, including a few grown-up games, mods and cheats, and a few vivified grown-up diversion clasps and recordings for self-joy. Let us talk about every last one of them specifically.

Adult Game forum

When you open the site, the absolute first thing that springs up is the segment for grown-up games. It includes probably the most famous ones either moving or have been put because of public interest.

It likewise has conversations and strings on Mods and cheats for the games like that you can join. It doesn’t have as much as the essential one of games; however, it is still sufficient. The following are a portion of the well-known games you can discover at this stage.


First individual shooter games are basic today, particularly among the youthful grown-ups. Even though war can engender a soul of brutality among the watcher, combat zone is one game with an exceptionally low degree of harmfulness. At the point when you relate it to other people, EA’s battlefront is exceptional and predominant. These people are awesome because, inside the game, you can gain proficiency with a lot of abilities.

Cooperation is one expertise that has been all around explained in the game. Efficient teams have indicated the capacity to organize and think of the best strategies to win. As all of you know, war zones can be played by different individuals prior. Dissimilar to networks like F95 Zone, the front line is better.

Rocket League

At the point when it was dispatched, nobody saw a future in this game. Three years down the line, its notoriety has developed and has been positioned among the world’s best gaming networks. Indeed, as indicated by Microsoft store, it has been placed number 11 on Xbox One. It is one a kind of vehicle soccer match where you wear the workers and are permitted to drive inside the arena as another gamer while the master players are around housetops. The game is conjectured to have taken a great part in the qualities of acclaimed sports like FIFA. There are parts of team play and thought about being more amiable.

The Entire Total War Series

The arrangement has irritated its watchers each time it is dispatched. Nonetheless, it has pulled in many watchers throughout the years because of its stunning storyline. One of the arrangement’s most one of a kind element is that it happens in a proper arrangement to generally include exact units inside your span. The game includes hostility where you play to execute and cause enormous interruption. Every player regularly battles to get by crushing their rivals. Obviously, this doesn’t sound lovely; anyway, competition is the thing that makes the game intriguing.

Above all is that the game has arranged conversations, system manuals, and great intentions. Normally a player appears to be intrigued to show others the game just as the RL truth is about. The game is reasonable for you if you have enthusiasm for history and development and with the capacity to think fundamentally and investigate circumstances. Designers are tested to make incredible scenes that will consistently challenge the psyches of the gamers. It is the quality the game has over others.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2-170

Like Battlefield, it is the first individual shooter computer game. It permits you to copy top agents battling to check psychological oppression. The game is useful as you can learn strategies to counter fear assaults. The game has consistently been driving in its strategies and has pulled numerous watchers and players from its storyline. Exercises inside the front line are very quicker yet can’t be contrasted with different games. The speed is sufficiently quick and generally more amiable for gamers. This is an old game, and players revere the strategies partook in the game.

This game’s benefit is that it pulls in both the old and youthful players since it is slower contrasted with different games accordingly. This game is mainstream for its capacity to sharpen you about bullying, which is a huge issue in the general public, particularly among school going youngsters. For guardians searching for games for their adult children, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is the ideal network of gamers to pick.

Little Big Planet

Being a riddle-like game, it bids more to more youthful individuals. It is easy to use and offers you admittance to more levels to appreciate the game. The level is testing and expects you to focus and to think fundamentally. Its people team evaluations are exceptionally high since they are played and affirmed by youngsters worldwide. It is based on a creative mind and gives a game whose story depends on the planet, which is something other than what’s expected from wars and killings that are regular among different games. It is an impression of the connection between living life forms and the planet.

Team Fortress 2

It is additionally a first-individual shooter game with various players. It is extremely competitive contrasted with different FPS games. This game is special because of its capacity to offer you ceaseless updates. Individuals of various encounters may play it as it supplies training and a stage to attempt the game constantly disconnected. What watchers find appealing about the game is the way that you get the opportunity to pick your riggings and weapons for the fight.

Left 4 Dead 2

The selection of characters in Left 4 Dead 2 is fascinating. Unicorn, rainbows, and butterflies are an urgent aspect of this gaming network. The game is a first-individual shooter game that can be played by an individual or numerous individuals simultaneously. The game rouses cooperation and arranging before making any move. Cooperating is urgent in making due among the strolling dead in the game.

All in all, the F95 Zone is extraordinary compared to other gaming networks. It is typical for a site to encounter hiccups. For this explanation, it doesn’t imply that the previously mentioned options are better than the F95 Zone. They can fizzle whenever. To abstain from being stuck on the off chance that F95Zone experiences any blunders, the choices recorded beneath can help you make the most of your stay inside. Do you know some other gaming networks that can be gotten to other than the ones referenced here? If you don’t mind, share your perspectives.

Courtesy Of F95ZONE

One of the most prominent reason that this site has grown exponentially in its field of expertise is because it provides its exclusive streaming services absolutely for no cost .It has different forums for all the titles so that you can express your enthusiasm and thoughts and you don’t even have to spend a dime for this pleasure of service. It is an amazing platform with magnificent quirks to quench the thirst of your zeal for entertainment. There is some content which might ask for a nominal charge but this is an exceptional case and happens rarely.  This implies that you can chat with millions of people, build your own forum and get reviews and meet like minded people on one single platform.

Conclusion of F95zone

F95 is one of a kind website and still very new in the market however its audience and viewership is increasing exponentially day by day. The adult content on this site is authentic and different, the feature of threads and forum are not offered on other sites, and the fact that it has an efficient user-friendly interface puts cherry on top of the cake. You have endless options in here. Do not worry about protection of your identity and foul strangers, every user in here is verified, so that’s a no to imposters. Always make sure that the conversations are ethical and do not share any personal sensitive information. The idea of the forum is to gain a fresh and new perspective.


Discretion of the audience is advised here. We believe in providing trusted and reliable sources of entertainment however certain sites are too graphic and suitable for children, all the content we provide serves the purpose of education only, we do not bear the responsibility of incurring any personal damage. We do not encourage streaming of pirated or illegal websites. Piracy and copyright violation is a punishable offence and it must be taken seriously, we advise you to take the aid of legal sites available on the internet.

Three Ways Workplaces Are Changing as a Result of the Pandemic

How has the workplace changed as a result of the pandemic?

Where do we start?

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has hit both the economy and general society in ways that we could never imagine. If you’re someone that works in an office, commercial or corporate environment, without a doubt, you’ve been impacted by the pandemic in one way or another. While remote working has been the biggest adjustment for most workplaces, within this article, we’ll discuss some of the other ways that workplaces have changed forever as a result of the global pandemic.

  1. Adapted Workplaces

If you’ve gone back to the office, you’re one of the few that haven’t had to continue working remotely because of their city’s restrictions. Going back to the office is huge in itself, however, it’s become clear that the sentiment is very different to what it would have meant back in early 2020. Workplaces have had to change dramatically to encourage social distancing, reduced spread of germs and seclusion between employees. Think products like germ screens, Autex acoustic panels, and hand sanitiser dispensers at entry and exit points.

  • Individual Employee Flexibility

And if you’re one of the many employees still working from home, obviously you’re naturally facing some dramatic changes to work too! Other than the fact that you’re likely working from a make-shift office on your dining room table, a huge way in that your working environment has changed is that you’re facing a new level of flexibility. Whether that means having your children scream in the background of a Zoom call or being able to work the hours that suit you and your productivity levels, it’s clear that individual employee flexibility is a huge element of how we work today and how we will continue to operate.

  • Balance

Coming out of 2020, more employees are focused on balance. We’ve all been reminded by what’s important to us, including our health, family, individual needs, and work. Workplaces are having to now accommodate for these feelings and provide a level of employee support to provide balance. This may mean more mental health support, more benefits or more flexibility in work/life.

5 Ways Employers Can Improve Workplace Morale and Culture

As we have all experienced, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way we live and interact. In particular, the dynamic of modern workplaces has changed considerably as many companies move into a work from home system. Whilst many have enjoyed the luxuries of home office furniture, the removal from social interaction and collaborative space can damage one’s overall capacity for workplace success. Given the struggles that isolation can and have brought, it is important for employers to keep a close eye on workplace morale and culture.

Here’s 5 ways that employers can improve workplace morale and culture:

1.    Encourage Individual Flexibility

People have different needs, values, wants and situations. Rather than making assumptions about your employee’s situations and applying the same set of rules to govern all schedules remotely, it will be beneficial to promote flexibility.

With the eradication of the typical 9-5 working day, you may find that certain employees are more productive earlier in the mornings, or later at nights. For example, one employee may have to keep an eye on their son/daughter’s remote online learning during these hours and may not be as productive as would they be after school hours.

2.    Help Employees Overcome Loneliness

Overcoming social isolation is one of the greatest challenges of our modern times. Without colleagues around, employers must work with their staff to maintain team identity and ensure continued collaboration across different areas of the business.

HR professionals should develop new systems to offer online support.

3.    Express the Meaning of your Work

COVID-19 has incited a collective reimagination of what is important. People will have thought about their lives, their family and where work fits into this.

Actions speak louder than words – and this is a great opportunity for companies to express their values to staff.

4.    Develop a Culture of Trust

Give people true responsibility and apply more of a coaching philosophy as opposed to management. By providing tangible resources, assistance programs and psychological support, employees will be more responsive in achieving company goals.

5.    Be Open with Your Employees

Be honest and raw with your employees – fostering discussion outside of work topics and providing a human touch will develop your workplace culture and incentivise employees to achieve solid end results.

6. Provide Support for Tools and Hardware

Ease your employees’ transition into the remote work setup by providing them with all the necessary tools and hardware to do their jobs well. This includes giving access to any and all platforms and software that are necessary for day-to-day tasks. 

Additionally, it can be important to help them understand that there are new tools out there that can help them stay on top of everything. Make sure they have access to these as well. Provide a set of policies or recommendations for new tech and productivity apps and websites. 

If you can afford it, provide the necessary hardware too by allowing them to bring the computers and other essential hardware from the office. Not an option? Check out PC liquidation shops to find good deals on Dell computers, laptops, and more.

Four Good Reasons Why Solar Usage is Growing Globally

Did you know that more than 42,000 Australian households invested in solar panels in Australia alone in 2020? With upfront investments coming down significantly over the last ten years and individuals taking a more active approach to reducing their environmental footprint, the installation costs have come down as well.

On average, Solar Panels Central Coast buyers saved an average of 48% on their home electricity bill over the last three years. With electricity rates continuing to climb and the government continuing to offer generous incentives to individuals to buy back electricity, it is an excellent time to invest in solar. Need more good reasons? Here are four simple reasons that you should invest in solar in 2021.

  1. $0 Household Electricity Bills

Yes, the benefits to the environment are significant, but so are the benefits to your back pocket. Residents that invested in solar panels found that it takes less than three years to break even on their initial, upfront solar investment. With solar panel prices coming down, and electricity prices going up, the proposition of a $0 bill has never been more appealing.

  • Home with Solar Are Worth More

Staggering but true – solar panels can be great financial investment even if you plan on selling your home in the near future. A study by LJ Hooker Real Estate found that homes with solar panels fetched a premium to those that did not have solar panels. Even if you are looking to sell over the next few years, you could still benefit from your investment in the short term.

  • Government Incentives

The government is continuing to buy surplus solar energy from residents that harvest more than they use. It is likely that these benefits will go away over the next few years (Just like $0 Tesla Supercharger usage in Australia), however, if you install solar now, you could still be paid for the energy that you harvest. Not only will this mean that you recoup your upfront investment in a short space of time, but you could also be paid for your energy going forward.

5 Key Things to Do Before Settling on Your Retirement

Are you planning your retirement? Retiring is often an exciting prospect for many, but it’s important not to get carried away with the idea of retirement, rather than the actual preparation for retirement. Oak financial planner Perth can help. We’ve put together this list of 5 key things to do before settling on your retirement to ensure you can live a comfortable and fulfilling life throughout your retirement years.

  1. Create A Timeline

Understanding your timings and goals you need to achieve before retirement is a crucial part of retirement planning. Understanding the financial accomplishments, you need to achieve before retiring, and how much longer you need to work in order to achieve these goals is a great place to start.

  • Financial Plan

Understanding your cost of living and planning for unexpected medical costs is a key part of retirement planning. Put together a comprehensive spend plan to understand your retirement spending requirements and how much extra you need to live comfortably through your retirement.

  • Assess Risk

Understanding your investment portfolio and how subject your investments are to risk is vital. If you’re a relying heavily on your investments to get you through retirement, you really need to understand your investment portfolio and risk aversion. This will help you understand how much you can safely spend in retirement, and anything on top of that is a bonus.

  • Optimising Superannuation

Superannuation really is tour key to retirement. Managing your superannuation closely will ensure you’re across how much you can feasibly spend in your retirement vs the income you receive from your superannuation.

  • Emotional Preparation

One aspect of retirement planning that people often neglect is the emotional aspect of retirement. Are you mentally prepared to retired, and, more importantly, do you parts of your life that make you feel fulfilled and like a valuable member of the community?

Now that you have completed this list of 5 key things to do before settling on your retirement, it’s likely you’re ready to start planning! We advise to go ahead with your retirement planning carefully and consider all aspects that we have discussed.

4 Ways Technology Will Change Dentistry in 2021

With everything in our life, it’s constantly being improved by technology. Whether it’s your phone, car or what food you eat throughout the day, advancements in technology have made them better and more accessible to everyone. The same thing goes for dentistry, technology is making the dentist chair less scary for everyone and increasing the chances of the everyday person getting excellent oral healthcare.

  1. 3D Printing

3D printing is used to print caps, crowns and bridges for patients that are accurate and cost effective. EZ Smile clear aligners state that this isn’t a new advancement and has been used for teeth straightening procedures for a while now, the technology is being improved for the dental industry. Trials are testing chemicals that could be incorporated in the 3D printed parts that stop tooth decay.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented reality isn’t something we usually think of we when visit the dentist. However, it’s not just tech used for video games. Augmented reality will play a big role in dentistry going into the future. From education and training to surgical procedures computer generated images have a far-reaching impact on dental work. Already being used to educate and train future dentists, augmented reality is not new to dentists. However, in 2021 we will see it being used for oral surgery. Being able to study and explore a patient mouth before surgery can be particularly useful for a dentist about to perform major surgery.

  • Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is leading the way for dental implants. Dental implants are used to prevent or replace teeth loose because of tooth decay or accidents. Modern dental implants in 2021 use robotic technology to help during the drilling process of the procedure. While dentists are still in control of the drill, robotics help guide and stabilise the to tool to ensure the procedure is accurate and safe.

  • Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras are being used to help both the dentist and the patient. This simple technology uses a small camera and minor to inspect the inside of the mouth. The patient no-longer needs to sit there uncomfortably with their month open for what seems like eternity for the dentist to inspect their teeth. Dentists also don’t need to manhandle the patients mouth and jaw to see every tooth and area of the mouth and they get a clearer and more detailed inspection of the mouth.

How the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout is Being Assisted by Dry Ice

As we all know the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines have started. But it hasn’t been without struggles. The vaccines were produced in record time, a normal vaccine traditionally takes 10-15 years to develop and produce. The vaccines we are using for COVID-19 took about one year to develop and produce. The global effort in producing not one but numerous vaccines was amazing, but problem hasn’t stopped there. Cold Jet dry ice Sydney have advised that after the amazing efforts of scientists across the globe, dry ice is now the unsung hero of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

How has dry ice come into the picture? The 2 major vaccines, FDA, Pfizer and Modern all were produced in record time they had one catch that made the logistics on the rollout troubling on a global scale. They all needed to be stored at temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius. While we have modern technology that can store items at these temperatures, the transportation is the tricky part, and this is where dry ice is being used.

Dry ice is typically used in food production facilities because it helps keep food products at controlled temperatures to prevent bacteria growth and products from spoiling. So, the vaccines are using dry ice in a similar way. With speciality made dry ice boxes, the vaccines can be kept at temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius for 10 days at a time. This means we’ve created an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to safely transport millions of doses of the vaccines all across the planet.

The main use of these dry ice boxes is in the flight freight of the vaccine. Each dry ice box can carry up to 5,000 doses of the vaccines. Cargo planes full of these boxes can be sent to the destination country. from there the country can choose to put the vaccines into deep freeze storage facilities or into fridges to be kept at temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius. If the second option is chosen the vaccines need to be used with 5 days, after the 5 days the vaccine cannot be used and will be ineffective.

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