Most Popular Martial Arts Used In MMA

Watching any sport where people have to hit each other can cause chills to run down your spine. There’s a high chance of injury in such sports, and some can’t even be termed “sports” in the general outlook. MMA is one of such sports, and only trained pros go there. Part of the training that MMA fighters have to go through is martial arts. After all, MMA stands for mixed martial arts. However, not all martial arts are part of MMA fighters’ arsenal. Below are some of the famous ways you can learn martial arts in Sydney with Head Academy and use those skills to improve your career in MMA.

Muay Thai

One of the famous martial arts in the world today and not only in MMA is Muay Thai. This is the art of eight limbs, and you can’t find art that has been used to great effect like it in the cage. Muay Thai is said to be the complete striking system when it comes to martial arts. When you learn it, it prepares you for everything you’ll need to do in MMA. You will also know how to fight back in the process. The best thing about it is you have to learn how to avoid kicks, elbows, knees, and even trips – you can then counter. This system has been tested for years and can be quite effective – if you watch MMA, you will see how effective it is. The fighting system will focus on practical techs, which will work – there’s less guesswork here. There is no flashy stuff when you use this style in MMA.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Before you learn BJJ, you can see it as a complex pack, and something will take time to master. After you have known it, though, the art becomes quite addictive, as found out by many who have tried it. The main focus of this art is around escaping and reverse attacking your opponents. With BJJ, you can attack from any significant position, which happens on the ground. It then incorporates submissions such as chokes, pressure locks, and armbars to force the opponent to submit. The trademark pose for this is the guard. When you first look at the BJJ, and someone is in the guard position, they will seem like they are in the receiving end – they are losing. There are loads of sweeps, holds, and submissions from this position, though.


With wrestling, the main idea is to take others down and avoid them from taking you down. Its focus is on reasonable positioning control, especially when the fight gets to the canvas. Wrestling is basically about putting people down and keeping them there. When you take your opponent down as wrestling teaches, you will gain points in MMA. This is a good thing, and you will also learn how to dictate where the fight happens and have the ultimate control of things. Wrestling, though, is physically demanding and highly competitive – some of the traits which will serve well in MMA.

Martial Arts In The MMA

In MMA, there are several types of martial arts, but the above are the most popular ones. If you pay attention, you will find that most fighters go for either of the above in their fights.