Morocco travel tips
Morocco travel tips

It is forever a best thing to travel to new locations. If you have money, time, and passion for travel and fun, you could go away every year to some of the world’s top tourist destinations. A best location you could explore any time soon is Morocco, so book now cheap flights to Morocco. Generally a Muslim country, Morocco is very diverse in terms of landscape. Besides its coastline, the country has mountains, barren, dry desserts, and forested regions.

Further, it has an extremely rich cultural heritage with Arabic and Western influences. Morocco is occupied mainly Arabs and Berbers. The former was trusted to be the descendants of Spaniards and Portuguese who escaped from Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula in the 1400s. being home to one of the most desirable and best sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast, no Morocco tour packages is the best family destination.

As you can already speculate, wind sports and water sports are general things to do for visitors. The most renowned for all sports is surfing. In case you will come surf, just go direct to coastal town with surfing spots. So you want to go to the North Atlantic Coast, Mediterranean shores or South Atlantic Coast. To view the popular Casablanca beach you will have to go to Rabat, the capital of the country’s, in the North Atlantic Coast. There is a lot of things to view and do here, particularly for couples who want to have the most unforgettable honeymoons.

Though forever busy and crowded, Plague Quemada beach is fully charming, clean, and scenic. There is also another beach known as Asfiha, which is not advised for swimmers or those who like beach walks because of its shallow waters levels, dirty, and sticky sand. So this location is probably perfect for sightseeing, particularly visiting the Spanish Island or explore the Magic of the Red City Marrakech and Sahara, the largest desert in the world with a Marrakech tour package.

Agadir beach are on the Atlantic coast in the Southwest area of the country. It is perfect for lovers of water sports who can either go to private beach places or long sandy ones meant for the public. Tangier beach is definitely best for surfing and other water activities and you can get some general training if you are new to this. Surrounded by big mountains, Tangier is one of the most amazing beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. It is loved by local and visitor people alike, and its white-washed homes are unique landmarks as well. As you wide up your Morocco trip, remember to purchase some souvenirs to take home to your family and friends. XO offers whole aircraft private charter flights across the globe, with the option to sell extra seats to fellow flyers.