2022 has arrived, and it looks set to be a fascinating year in the business world. While the pandemic is not yet over, life is slowly and tentatively returning to normal, but there is also an enormous amount that has changed. Businesses will be seeing 2022 as a year to kickstart their recovery and find success, which will lead to a number of interesting trends over the next 12 months and beyond. Being aware of what these trends are likely to be should help you to find ways to stay ahead of the curve and, hopefully, enjoy a profitable and rewarding year.

Flexible Working

The days of nine to five in the office are long gone, and now it is expected that businesses offer flexibility. The pandemic has proven that remote work can be effective and that it can benefit both the business and employees in a handful of ways. Additionally, there will be a much greater focus placed on employee wellbeing and flexible working will be one of the best ways that businesses can look after employees moving forward.

Community Engagement

Even once the pandemic has ended, there will still be those that are left struggling, and this is why community engagement will be a big trend in 2022. There will be many that need help and support in 2022 (and beyond), and businesses should do all that they can to help. This could involve donating a percentage of profits to charity, supporting local initiatives, sponsorship, raising awareness about important local issues, and patterning with small local businesses. Additionally, with social restrictions hopefully ending, people will be keen to get out and engage with the local community.

The Great Resignation Movement

One thing that has become amply clear in the post-Coronavirus world is the fact that employees have options when it comes to what they want to do. Remote work has become such a major attraction, that long-time employees are resigning from their positions if the company is unwilling to offer them flexible working conditions. Given such problems, businesses are struggling hard to retain employees, contributing to what has come to be known as The Great resignation. Experts believe that companies that offer appreciation gifts for employees have performed better in terms of retention rates than businesses that do not have a reward or recognition program. 

Branded Merchandise

These days, branded merchandise is a huge market and one of the best ways for a business to increase brand awareness. Companies can benefit from putting their branding onto items of clothing and accessories with their own branded custom beanies. These will help to create a stronger bond with your target market as well as help you to increase brand awareness and attract more customers to your company when people are seen wearing your branded items.


Sustainability has become a major trend in recent times, especially with the shocking climate events that have been seen around the world. Sustainability is something that all businesses need to focus on in 2022 as part of a social responsibility, but also so that they can continue to appeal to modern consumers. Often, adopting sustainable practices can also help a company to reduce its costs too. Many businesses will be looking to make big changes this year, such as switching to solar power and switching to green suppliers.

These will be the main business trends to look out for in 2022. It is going to be an interesting and busy year in the business world, with companies looking to kick on from COVID-19 while making positive changes. Being aware of these trends could help you to stay ahead of the curve, improve your business and make 2022 a memorable year for the right reasons.