In a world full of OTT services, Sling TV is widely known for providing one of the best entertainment services at a lower price. Something that comes at inexpensive investment is commonly deemed as insignificant, of no value, or not up to par. However, when we compare the streaming service, the best OTT platforms are exceptionally cheaper than the traditional services.

Factually speaking, it all makes sense when we notice that cable service needs an expensive infrastructure to carry out the services. Contrary to it, OTT services like Sling TV have made our lives easier, simple, and full of entertainment. As long you have stable internet connectivity, you can watch an unlimited amount of content in HD as many times as you like.

Households, Individuals, and businesses still largely or partially depend on cable services today. For all those looking for an option, we would recommend you must consider and compare Spectrum cable packages and will not regret it. However, further, in this article, we will be focusing on Sling TV services only to figure out if they are worth it or not. So, let us dive into the deets!

How low would you expect a service provider to provide its services in 2021?

Sling TV has two packages that enable you to enjoy endless entertainment spending under $30 per month only.

Let ushave a look at if using Sling TV is still worth it!

  • Low price is the highlighting feature that makes Sling TV stand aside from other service providers in the market.
  • You might wonder why – it is because Sling TV offers fewer local channels than the other OTT market competitors do. For example, Sling Orange users do not have access to NBC, FOX, and CBS.
  • In addition to it, it does not use expensive wires for providing its services.
  • Sling TV users can have access to its services through an antenna.
  • Apart from that, you get two different packages, depending on which one you can afford. The thing we do not like about these packages is they come up with predetermined channels. It means you pay for channels that you do not even watch.

Sling TV also offers a Total TV Deal that comes up with seven add-ons and cloud DVR storage. This feature is available for users of both Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Those who use only one package can enjoy these features for an extra $21 per month. However, customers using both packages have to pay around $27 per month. 

There is another option known as Sling Free. You can enjoy the free content on their website using Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Android TV/devices. All you have to do is, open the app and you will know what to do next. It is self-explanatory and easy to navigate.

Sling Blue package has NBC Sports networks for its customers. However, Sling TV announced that it would not continue with it because of their dispute with the network owner. If you do not know this already, Sling TV users will not be able to enjoy NBC Sports California, NBC Sports Washington, and NBC Sports Bay Area. 

Conclusive Notes

If you are looking for a budget-friendly streaming service, you can consider Sling TV and you won’t regret it. Sling TV is a safe bet for anyone because it’s cheap and offers more than what it brings to the table. Certainly, the number of local channels is low as compared to others, but you will have a few of your favorite channels too. Sling TV may not be an ideal deal for some but it covers all the essentials at a small fee which is not a bad deal at all. We hope based on the aspect covered in the aforementioned discussion, you now have an idea if Sling TV is worth paying or subscribing to? Is it still good to use? Share your thoughts in the comment for helping other readers looking for more information.