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What is an Australian business/investor visa? This article will tackle the above topic and answer this question in detail.

The investor visa scheme in Australia is a means by which business owners or investors migrate to Australia through investment schemes. The investment schemes are responsible for skilled migration and were developed purposely to target accomplished business owners and investors.

Once in Australia, the investors are actively involved in contributing to Australia’s economy. However, before acquiring Australian citizenship, the visa applicant must undergo several visa stages.

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Requirements for Investor Visa

· Should be below 55 years unless investment is high.

· Willing to invest at least AUD 800, 000

· Needed to pass the points test

· Present proof of business and investment records

· Required to have state sponsorship.

Visa options for investors in Australia

Business Innovation and Investment visa

This is set to target established business owners and investors who would like to invest a minimum of 800,000 AUD in Australia. Those who would like to acquire this but lack both business and investment records have to invest more amounts to secure the 188 visas.

Business Talent Visa (132)

This type of visa is temporarily closed. A business talent visa is relevant for thriving entrepreneurs and investors who will be willing to invest in at least 1.5 million AUD. Additionally, the investor/entrepreneur can secure at least 1 million AUD VC funding through the venture capital stream from the AVCAL.

Business innovation and investment visa (subclass 888)

Also known as the permanent visa, the business innovation, and investment visa is the 188 transitional visas. Those currently holding the 188 visas have met the set stay requirements, and have had a business breakthrough in Australia.

Additionally, with the main aim of the Australian investor visa scheme being bringing funds and expertise into the country, the business innovation and investment visa is given under a 4-year grant. After all the necessary requirements are met after 4 years, the 188 holders can freely apply for permanent citizenship.

Subcategories Subclass 188 and their requirements

· Business innovation stream.

This is best for investors willing to invest 500,000-800,000 AUD. Investors will be required to operate a new or invest in an existing business in Australia. Lastly, the investor must have 3 years of business experience and should have operated a business whose turnover is 500,000 AUD.

· Investor Stream.

Investors willing to invest 1.5 with proof of investment

· Significant investor visa stream.

One should invest 5 million AUD in a balanced portfolio of investment as required by the state. In addition, you must have certain business achievements and maintain your business activity in Australia.

· Entrepreneur stream.

You must secure at least 200, 000 AUD from a recognized funding body.

About Talent Visa (Subclass 132)

Suitable for permanent, established business owners with a much higher business profit margin. Must be willing to invest at least 1.5 million AUD. They are however required to attain certain targets within 2 years to obtain the 132 visas.

Sub-categories under the 132 subclass

· Significant business history stream.

Preferred for experienced business owners willing to invest a minimum of 1.5 million AUD. Must have at least 3 million business turnovers in the last 2 of the 4 years.

· Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream.

An investor should secure 1 million from Australian private equity and AVCAL.

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