Every salesperson and every company strives to generate sales leads. Although you can spend money on lead generation services, you will be paying for someone else’s hard-earned money to do something that you can do in-house or through your web designer.

We have compiled a list of a few ways to generate sales leads for free.

10 Ideas To Get Sales Leads That Actually Work

Create A Press Release

A press release is a great way to spread your message and get leads back to you. You can grab the attention of people who are interested in releasing news about a new product/service. You can capture sales leads by combining the press release and an invitation to sign up on your site.

Market To Your Current Customers

You don’t have to reach out to new customers every time you try to generate sales leads. Sometimes businesses forget about their existing customers and miss out on potential leads. These are some ways to get leads from customers already in place.

  • When your company offers a new product, or service, send reminder cards or flyers.
  • Email customers to remind them that you are available
  • Let your customers know about any sales discounts that you offer by creating a newsletter or even creating promo videos through an online video editor.”

Tip: Instead of creating flyers manually, use professionally designed online flyers. PhotoADKing’s online flyer maker is a good choice.

Try Online Directories

People look online for business services. Be sure to be listed in any online directories that you use, especially for B2B leads. Companies use more than just search engine queries in niche business types. You can sign up to many specialty directories at no cost.

Design Catchy Landing Page

A landing page is a page that you are directed to when you visit a website. A landing page serves a greater purpose than just providing information and artwork. Companies use landing pages to collect sales leads. They place a button called “Join Us” or something similar that allows visitors to leave their email address and name. You are losing sales if you don’t use a landing page. If your website is being designed by someone else, ensure that they incorporate this feature into the platform.

Go with SEO

SEO is simple. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a way to make sure that your website and blogs are optimized for keywords and phrases that potential customers type into search engines like Google. Search engine companies use these keywords and phrases to rank your website. SEO, other than paid ads, is what makes a website appear on the first page of a Google Search. If you don’t hire a professional SEO company, your website will not be found by people searching. SEO has the greatest benefit in that keywords and phrases can be used on a website day after day.

Find Leads By Adding Blogs

Two things are done by blog posts. Blog posts give you the opportunity to create more SEO content and link to your site. A blog allows you to communicate with and inform your audience. A blog allows potential customers to access content and establishes your site as an authority in the topic. This is especially true when blogs are regularly produced and are beneficial to those who read them.

Blog posting is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Users are more likely to purchase your products or services.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms can be a great way to get leads to your site. People are obsessed with social media apps in today’s digital world. This can be used to your advantage by linking to social media posts that you may want to share with potential customers. Many social media platforms offer a “follow” option. You have an audience when people are connected to your social networks. One point I must need to add that always use proper and preferred social media size while utilizing social media for marketing. you can read the social media size guide before starting leveraging on social media.

Create Referral Program

People love to share their positive experiences with companies that they work with. They also love good deals. To reward people who recommend your business to others, create a referral program. You can give away a free product or offer a discount to both of you.

Create Backlinks

Not only should backlinks to your site be used on your own platforms, but also on other platforms. This can be done by trading links with other companies that could benefit from the same customers. This kind of sharing allows both companies to reach more leads through a wider platform.

Create FAQs Page

A frequently asked questions page is a great way to answer potential customers’ questions. It also serves another purpose. Your site’s bounce rate will be reduced if people are engaged on your site. Search engines will rank your website higher in search results if you do this. This increases the likelihood that visitors will give you their contact information.


We hope you found this informative and helpful in helping you to learn more about how you can get leads for free. We hope you now have the answer to the question “How do I get free leads?”.