Hydronic heating systems are the most commonly used technology to heat up buildings or homes. It is comparatively more effective and cheaper than common heaters. It uses water or steam to carry the heat needed for heating the same. 

The working norms of this heater

  • A gas-fired water heater is used in this system.
  • Water is simply heated in its Gas Boiler chambers and moved through sealed pipes to radiators throughout the home.
  • Water is moved through the air handler loop with the help of a circular pump through which water enters and leaves the device.
  • It is separated from the home’s domestic hot water supply.
  • The heat is then evenly distributed in the room through pipe connections.
  • Panel radiators are installed in order to distribute the heat evenly around the room.
  • In order to heat floors heated water from boilers is distributed through coils of piping which are placed under slabs of the floors making it invisible. 

Types of Hydronic heating: 

There are mostly three types of Hydronic heating system which are widely used in the cold countries. These are namely:

  1. Baseboard Hydronic system
  2. Hydronic radiant floor
  3. Hydro-air heating 

Working and the functions: 

The technology makes this perfect for commercial and residential heating purposes and has different components. Water heating equipment is one of its components. A common water heater usually heats water for domestic purposes only. However, through this system air is heated by the water looped pipe. Its main function is to heat and store water used throughout the building.

Another component of a Hydronic heating system is the pumps. Its main function is to transport water to the water heating equipment so that water is heated and warm air is distributed to the desired location. The hot water coil is moved by a blower and the heat is transferred from the hot water into the air stream. In buildings and offices, the size of the pump and its other components varies on the basis of their use and heating capacity requirement. A 100 HP pump or more is mostly required in big commercial places whereas residential places required only one-third of the same.

The hydronic heating system includes an air handler which helps in the distribution of heat into the targeted place for heating. It has other components which include a snowmelt system, unit heaters, radiators, cabinet heaters. These are the basic components used in a Hydronic heating system. 


The heating units used at home are supposed to make our lives easy and comfortable. Hydronic heating has different advantages due to which it is becoming more prevalent in many cold countries nowadays

  1. Personalized & customized heating comfort: Heat distribution can be controlled evenly along with moisture level. This indirectly helps in controlling hot spots or unwanted pungent smells. It operates without any noise thus it enables you to enjoy the comfort of your environment.
  2. Health & hygiene benefits: There is no doubt that Hydronic heating technology is good and safe for your health. It produces gentle and pleasant heat. It is found that most of the heating systems commonly used spread unwanted impurities and germs in the air. It caused dry air and thus impacts our eyes and skins adversely. It also leads to throat infections and sinuses. However, the Hydronic system utilized radiant heat technology and thus helps in maintaining good health and is considered as the safest form of technology.
  3. Hydronic heating is economical & efficient: Water used in a Hydronic heating system is a good conductor of heat in comparison to air and thus heat is conducted easily using water. Using water as a medium one is efficiently able to control even distribution of heat and avoid wastage. Radiant heat technology helps in controlling air pressure inside the room. Thus warm air is not allowed to escape through openings or any form of cracks in the surroundings.

Thus we can say that a Hydronic heating system is one of the best ways to keep your home or workplace warm and that too at a reasonable price and safety. The unit will be suitable for your home as it uses smart technology and is efficient.