If you’ve received a game coupon, it may be confusing how to use it. There are a few different ways to redeem your code depending on the platform you’re using, but in general, you’ll want to go to kakeroi.com to enter the Coupon Code and your PID (Account Code) into the Coupon Redeem Page. Once you’ve done this, you can claim your items in-game and have them automatically added to your inventory. This process works with both iOS and PC platforms. It’s also important to note that some coupons are only valid for standard version games and others work for Collector’s Editions. For more information on how to use coupons, visit our FAQs.

Regardless of your platform, you can always find the latest game coupons in our store and learn more about what you can get with them here.

Redeeming a Coupon

A Game Coupon is a discount that you can use to purchase games at a discounted rate. These coupons can be found in emails, newsletters, and other forms of advertising from Netmarble and its partners. In some cases, these coupons can be redeemed directly on the game itself. In other cases, you’ll have to go through kakeroi.com to redeem them. In either case, you’ll need to enter the code & your PID number onto the coupon redemption page, and then claim your items in-game.

If you are a Game Club member, you can also use these codes to earn extra credits for your account. These coupons can be found in the “Promotional Codes” section of the game’s menu and you’ll need to spend a certain amount to earn your credit (usually within 30 minutes). This credit will be available in your account for future use. You can also check how close you are to earning your credit in the “How much do I need to spend?” tab.