When you first take a job with a new employer, excitement can overtake you. There’s no doubt you’re excited about what this career can mean for your future and the doors it may open. But what happens if you’ve been in the same role for a while now, you’ve been applying for promotions and you just never seem to get them? Should you give up and accept this is the best it gets or is there a way to better your odds and finally land that job promotion?

Here are some tips and steps you can follow that can help you better prepare for promotion and stop being overlooked. It’s time to seize your future and get serious about your career trajectory.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Sometimes the problem is that you aren’t being clear enough with your employer about your intentions. Perhaps they think you’re happy in your current position, and that you have no desire to make any changes. Not everyone wants to keep moving up the career ladder, many find a job they love and are perfectly happy to stay there – even if it’s for years and decades.

You may wish to schedule an appointment with the HR department, or your employer (depending on how things work in the company), and discuss your career goals. Let them know what you would like to achieve within the company, and what steps you should take to make it a reality. This is a great opportunity to get feedback on areas where you can make improvements and changes.

Spread Out Your Options

While you may like your current employer, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay there. It may be better for your career if you spread out your options and try applying for jobs in other companies. Perhaps there isn’t a lot of opportunities for advancement where you currently are, which means you could be waiting years for that door to open – if at all. Sure, it’s scary to leave a place that you enjoy, but keep your eye on the prize and remember what your ultimate goal is.

The good news is that it is much less stressful to look for a new job while you still have one. There is no pressure to take the first thing that comes your way; you can be picky and only apply to the jobs that interest you and can advance your career.

It May Be Time to Head Back to School

Another tip is to consider heading back to school and furthering your education. Maybe you’ve got some great skills, but if you can add a bit more to your wealth of knowledge then it can better prepare yourself for executive and leadership positions. The good news is that nowadays so many courses and degrees are available online, which makes it easier to fit into your existing schedule.

The doctor of business administration online available through Aston University is the perfect route for a professional that wants to prepare for a leadership role – an executive position. This sort of degree may be exactly what your current resume and background are missing and could be why you’re being passed up for promotions. Learning the foundations and principles required to lead is something that many business owners look for and demand in their executives.

Be the “Yes” Person in the Office

For some people, this tip can be hard to swallow, being the yes person means you may get stuck with a lot of tasks that you don’t necessarily want to do. But having that positive attitude and energy in the workplace gets noticed and can work its way up the chain of command directly to the owner’s office. If they hear you are a team player, always helping out and always maintaining a positive attitude, again it makes you stand out.

Take On Additional Responsibilities at Work

While the idea of doing more work for less may not be appealing, the fact is that employers tend to notice these types of things. Look for ways you can take on additional responsibilities at work that would help you to build your skillset and knowledge, give you a chance to work with different departments, and broaden what you have to offer.

At the very least taking on extra responsibilities shows an employer you’re serious about your job and that you’ve got a lot to give the company. It shows just how valuable you are.

Always Follow-Through on Tasks and Projects

One of the worst things you can do when trying to convince your boss you are deserving of a promotion is to not finish tasks and projects or finish them but always miss the deadline. This creates a narrative that you aren’t reliable and that you are likely in over your head. If that’s the case, then why would your employer think you could handle a higher-ranked job position?

Follow through no matter how big or small the project is. If lack of time is the issue, then you may need to put in some overtime. Your organization skills may also need some improvement, as this alone can make projects easier and smoother to complete.

Steer Clear of Workplace Gossip

Workplace gossip is something that exists in pretty much every business. It’s inevitable. But just because it exists it doesn’t mean you need to be part of it. Distance yourself from that scene as much as possible, and make sure you don’t get sucked in. You don’t want to be seen as a person who spread rumors, as this will look highly unprofessional and can tarnish your reputation permanently.

You Are On the Road to Big Changes

Using all of these tips, showing initiative, putting your best foot forward, and always giving your full effort is what will start to set you asides from other candidates. It will ensure that when a job opportunity does come up, your name will be thrown into the list as a potential and strong candidate.