Are you delusional?

Even if you say no, you can’t be sure if you are right because you wouldn’t know if you are delusional.

Once you can tell that you are, you are no longer in delusion. 

This raises the question if you can actually tell if you are delusional or not. It could be all of us and none of us. While this might sound like a deadlock, you can detect signs if you are delusional. Here is how. 

You Think You Are Always Right

If you think you know everything, you might be living in a fantasy. We don’t say that we know everything and we won’t accept it, but that’s how we behave when we are talking to someone. You should notice if you think you are always right when discussing something. Consider the last five times you have an argument with someone. 

You get defensive right away and try to prove yourself right even if you are wrong. This way, we are not fooling others, we are just fooling ourselves. 

There are many controversial stories on The Doe where writers have shared their personal experiences. You should read those articles, especially the ones that relate to you. This will help you become more open-minded and realistic. When you accept that you could be wrong and you do research, it’s unlikely that you will be delusional. 

Reality and Fantasy is No Different

Notice if you spend most of your time fantasizing. Many of us spend most of our time either in the past or in the future. We are usually fretting over something that happened in the past or wishing that something should happen in the future; both are unhealthy.

If you spend way too much time thinking about how life should be and imagining different scenarios, you are living a fantasy. See how it has been affecting your life and if you have started to mix the real world with the world in your imagination. Many start to hate their real lives when they get too involved in fantasy. 

See if you have started to follow the rules and expectations of fantasy in the real world. It might not be just your wishes but something you have read and believed. 

You Leave Everything On Fate

It’s not necessarily a healthy way but also not very unhealthy if you leave everything on fate. We have seen many people who believe that things will somehow turn in your favor. Even if things don’t go in your favor, you will get something better. 

This might sound like some religious people, but this doesn’t necessarily include them. Believing in divine power and praying are good for mental health. 

However, it becomes a problem when people forget the reality. They spend way too much focusing on another world. They ignore reality and what is going on around them and measure everything according to their beliefs. 

Many of such people also say that they are not supposed to be in this world. They feel like they are supposed to be in another world, which is supposedly better and more attractive for them.