A healthy diet requires that you consume a perfect blend of different essential nutrients. This may not be readily available considering individuals’ poor diet choices. A busy lifestyle may result in you focusing more on a specific diet or just eating junk food. Your dietary choices will directly affect the type and quality of nutrients you get from meals.

You can, however, get enough of these essential nutrients through meal replacement drinks. Meal replacement drinks are a comfortable and quality meal option.

Meal replacement drinks are readily available as supplements everywhere, but USANA’s Nutrimeal is of excellent quality compared to all. USANA’s Nutrimeal contains a wide range of essential nutrients. All of these nutrients play a powerful role in maintaining your total body health. These include:

  • Providing support for your cardiovascular health.
  • Help maintain the strength of your bones and joints.
  • Supporting your digestive system in performing its essential roles.
  • Maintaining protection of your organs for normal detoxification.

USANA’s Nutrimeal ensures you get all the nutrients that make up a balanced diet. Some of these nutrients include dietary fiber, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

Benefits of USANA’s Nutrimeal

  • Serves as a Good Source of Dietary Fiber: 

Dietary fiber is one of the lesser-known nutrients that play a massive role in supporting total bodily health. Dietary fiber is the part of plant foods that’s indigestible in humans, and it provides its health benefits through other means. It is commonly known as roughage and is mostly found in vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fruits. 

Dietary fiber comes in two types: soluble and insoluble fiber. Both perform essential functions in the body. 

As earlier mentioned, dietary fiber is not digestible by humans. You might wonder how they are useful to the body. Soluble fiber absorbs water and then forms a gel-like substance within the digestive tract. This gel-like substance is broken down smaller into components through the action of microbes. These smaller components function in the maintenance of cholesterol uptake within your body. The gel is broken down by microorganisms in your gut which help in maintaining your body’s health and normal cholesterol levels. 

Insoluble fiber is not soluble in water, so it doesn’t absorb moisture like soluble fiber. It’s passed to the small intestine unchanged, where it then adds to the bulk of stool. This supports your digestive system’s health.

Meeting the required daily value of dietary fiber is a great challenge because your dietary choices may be lacking in nutrients. However, meal replacement drinks such as USANA’s Nutrimeal will ensure you get the required amount.

  • Supports Weight Management:

Meal replacement drinks also come in handy for weight management. However, this depends on if it contains an adequate amount of dietary fiber. This is because supplements or diets high in dietary fiber can help maintain a healthy weight. Dietary fiber helps the person feel satiated for a longer time which helps in adherence to diet routine.

  • Supports Your Bone and Joint Health:

USANA’S Nutrimeal is a complete meal replacement drink because it contains various vitamins and minerals which are important for your body. It contains calcium, a key mineral in maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and constitutes a larger portion of bone mineral density. However, calcium will not be able to perform its function without the presence of vitamin D. This is because vitamin D aids in absorption from the digestive system. 

Although you may get calcium from dietary sources, vitamin D can only be gotten from diet or exposure to sunlight. Poor dietary choices may make it difficult to meet your body’s demand. Meal replacement drinks can supplement every loophole in your diet.

  • Supports Your Liver and Kidney Functions: 

The dietary fiber contained in USANA’S Nutrimeal serves as a feeding source for beneficial microbes within your digestive system. Due to availability of nutrients, these beneficial microbes grow and multiply and then form a gut barrier that supports the activity of the immune system. This gut barrier helps maintain the health of your liver and kidney.

When fully energized, they help your body in forming a gut barrier and in supporting your immune system. 

Poor dietary choices don’t provide the right nutrients. You may need to utilize secondary options such as meal replacement drinks to make up for nutrients that are not readily available.