How many types of wood are used in Custom Furniture?
How many types of wood are used in Custom Furniture?

Decorating your home is a unique experience. You have the chance to customize each area. You can select furniture and accessories that reflect your style. Unfortunately, a fully furnished space hides the difficulties which come with selecting tables and furniture.

If you’ve ever had to furnish a room or are in the process of doing. So, you know there are a lot of difficult decisions to make. Should you buy custom furniture or mass-produced furniture from a store? Which type of wood is best? Are you able to afford the furniture you desire?

When buying furniture, especially custom wooden furniture, these are some of the questions that buyers struggle to answer.

What exactly is custom-made wooden furniture?

Any piece of furniture that reflects your own choices and personality is referred to as custom furniture. It could be a type of wood or a design of furniture. Custom wooden furniture’s speciality is that they are hand-maid. It is beautifully crafted by skill. Many buyers are finding in their search for one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. Furthermore, you can buy this type of furniture, you may buy from Furniture store in Houston TX. It’s important to learn the different types of wood. It will help you in picking which furniture piece you want.

Wood types used in custom-made wooden furniture:

Different varieties of wood have sharp characteristics. Manufacturers use these features to judge the material. They check the fitness of a certain wood for specific furniture components. Some wood varieties, for example, are excellent for building tables. But not for the best option for your seats or bed.


Because the tree grows slowly, the fibers in hardwood are more solid. This contributes to the wood’s “hard” quality. It also makes it both strong and long-lasting. Oak, maple, and walnut are some of the most frequent hardwoods. They are used for handcrafted furniture.

While many hardwoods have comparable qualities, not all are suitable for furniture production. Some are chosen for wooden flooring. Because it has a range of colors, fiber patterns, and styles.

Oak, Maple, Mahogany, and Cherry are just a few of the common hardwoods. These are utilized for the creation of handmade wooden furniture. Oak is a robust wood that’s why others choose it for its long life. It’s commonly working for high-traffic items like chairs and dining tables.

Maple, on the other hand, has a light cream color. People who want more color and design in their furnishings frequently choose it.  Mahogany is a common hardwood. It is used in the creation of handcrafted wooden furniture. Durability, attractiveness, and color are all reasons why it is so popular.

The color of the cherry varies as it ages. With time, it becomes darker. With certain areas turning a darker brown or red. Because of its enviable complexity, manufacturers use this wood.


Softwood fibers are less dense. This makes cutting and forming it easier. The trees are easier to cut into long wood boards since they grow tall and straight. Pine, cedar, spruce, redwood, juniper, and fir are examples of softwood trees.

Softwood is commonly utilized in the construction of basic frames. It is also utilized for cardboard, flooring, and fixtures. Custom furniture made of softwood has an appealing finish because it absorbs adhesives quickly.

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Softwoods also have a greater sap content and pale color. It has lightweight and has a fine texture. Unfortunately, softwood, unlike hardwood, has low fire resistance.

Manufactured Wood:

Engineered or manufactured wood is used in some custom wooden furniture. Different types of wood are used to make formed wood. Plywood and particleboard are the two most common types of manufactured wood. These woods are used in custom furniture.

Plywood is created by glueing together many layers of thin lumber. The custom furniture will be more durable if the plywood has more layers.

Particleboard, also known as fiberboard. It is formed from wood that has been chopped into tiny fibers. After that, the fibers blend with an adhesive.

Many purchasers believe that custom-made wooden furniture is pricey. Because of this belief, some people rarely consider customizing their furniture. Custom furniture, on the other hand, varies in price based on the type of wood utilized. Rosewood, elm, maple, mahogany, and Ebony are among the most expensive timbers available.

Pine is the most affordable wood for a variety of reasons. Pine trees grow swiftly, so there’s never a rarity of it. It is weak to harm due to its softness. It, on the other hand, mixes nicely with different types of wood and stains. However, that makes it excellent for custom wooden furniture.


While hardwoods are typically favored for custom wooden furniture. Therefore, which wood you choose should be a mixture of density and beauty. You should also think about the wood’s natural color. How simple it will be to stain it to match your decor. You can also contact or visit Loda Furniture. They have made custom wooden furniture. They are reliable and comfortable to buy.