Rehabilitation Centres

Do you know how rehabilitation centres work? As simple as this question may seem, I am frequently faced with doubts around this subject. And no less. After all, approaching any topic related to chemical dependency and alcoholism is always a complicated task, because they are surrounded by myths and prejudices, even though we are already in the 21st century.

My goal with this content is to answer some of these questions and treat this chronic problem with the depth and seriousness it deserves, without neglecting, of course, the human aspect.

What is a rehab clinic like?

An alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai is, as I like to call it, a rescue space. In other words, a place where one seeks not only to recover sobriety, to “clean the organism”, as they popularly say, but also to give back a purpose to the life of those who suffer from this chronic disease.

This recovery site is composed of a multidisciplinary team that seeks to tackle the problem on its different fronts. Clinical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, consultants and monitors in chemical dependency and physical educators are some of the specialists that make up this team.

Alcoholism treatment always generates many doubts in the dependent’s family and relatives. One of the most common is what to do when the person is completely controlled by the addiction, no longer having any decision-making power over their own life and, for all that, does not recognize that they need help and causes constant problems for those close to them.

What is a rehab clinic? 

There are two types of rehab clinics – one is for physical rehabilitation for people with an injury, for example, or with chronic illnesses. In addition, the other is a drug addiction clinic for people with drinking and drug problems.

Thus, some addiction rehab clinics have a broader mission and treat issues related to anxiety and stress, as well as other conditions such as OCD, eating disorders, and even gambling addiction. Already, other rehab clinics also offer speech therapy. So this takes place in the form of group therapy (cognitive-behavioral therapy).

A clinic is not really a spa 

Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai is not like a spa, where you will be purely for leisure. In other words, their main point is that they rehabilitate people who, in some cases, can teach them to live a normal life. Therefore, in some rehab clinics, patients need to clean up and cook their own meals. This is really important for some people as they led a very chaotic life before going to treatment, not taking care of themselves, not eating properly, not even taking a shower.

In addition, some even have some sort of leisure facilities, and this could include an on-site gym, possibly a swimming pool – or perhaps a gym. Thus, these facilities are a good way for the patient to relax after a therapy session and even lessen the urge to consume some kind of illicit drug.