It is important not to expect too much from your workforce and not to berate them should they fail to get the desired amount of work done within a week. There are ways in which you can move your workforce to want to hit their targets without giving any additional pressure towards them, and this is to make them feel valued and lift their morale.

A workforce that is happy working together and happy within their working environment will do as much as they can willingly for their employer. It is important, therefore, that you do all you can to assist them in being happy and give them the tools that they require to get their job roles done.

The concept of the 5 S rule

Introduce your production teams to the concept of the 5 S rule. This is the rule of sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain.

This applies to their workstations and all that is around them:

Sort: remove all unnecessary items from their workstations to stop distractions and keep the area free from clutter.

Set in order: organize their workstations so that the items that they will need to carry out their work can be easily found.

Shine: make sure that their workstations are cleaned down at the end of the working day, ready for the next working day to start – this is very important within today’s health standardsand even more if your business runs shifts and there are multiple people sharing workstations.

Standardize: the setting up of procedures so that all your employees are working at the same rate and performing tasks in the same way.

Sustain: make sure that all these are performed regularly and that the standard is sustained throughout your business from the shop floor right the way through your offices to the managers themselves.

Install hardware to help your employees

Installing hardware such as conveyor belts in order to help your employees within their daily tasks. Getting their workload to them without them having to go looking for it will indeed provide your employees with the extra time within the day to get more done.

There are established and reliable businesses such as that offer their services in planning, custom made and installation of conveyor belts to suit all needs and functions so your business will get the product that it needs in order to reap its maximum benefit.

Conveyor belts not only help when it comes to moving products around your shop floor or warehouse but also when it comes to sorting too.

Invest in your teams

It is important and well known that the best way to get the maximum output from any individual or team is to make sure that you train them in the tasks that you want them to perform. By educating them and spending time taking them through what is expected of them and what to do if things go wrong, you will be giving them confidence within themselves and each other.

This in itself will enhance speed, accuracy, and knowledge, which will also add to employee morale and overall happiness within your business.