It’s easy to let the months slip by. Before you know it, summer rolls around, and you’ve barely prepared for it. When was the last time you used your BBQ? Is your backyard fit for a get-together? To make sure you can enjoy a summer of comfort and fun, here are six top tips for getting your home ready. 

1: Create a Gorgeous Outdoor Seating Area 

Summer is the time to gather your favorite people in your own piece of the outdoors. There, you can drink cocktails, grill meats, watch sunsets, and chat until the stars come out. However, it’s a little more difficult to do those activities if you don’t have a good seating area. 

If you need to start from scratch, the hardware store has great options for your decking. From there, purchase some great outdoor furniture, include something cool like a firepit, get your grill out, and enjoy those summer nights. Having an attractive outdoor space will make you and your guests feel more comfortable.

2: Check Your AC 

It’s hard to get through a hot summer without air conditioning. If you haven’t switched it on all winter, it’s important to check that it works fine before you need it. Otherwise, a sweltering hot day may roll around, and you have to deal with it without the AC. 

3: Plant a Garden 

Prepare for summer by starting a garden in the late winter and spring. By putting in the time earlier on, you can enjoy a blossoming garden full of fuchsia, salvia, lavender – whatever fits your style. You could even grow fruits and veggies to keep your dinner plates full of fresh food. 

4: Clean the Gutters and Drains 

This one isn’t exactly an enjoyable job, but it’s a necessary one. With summer coming up, you want to make sure the property’s gutters and drains are clear and clean. Otherwise, you risk a build-up of mold and bacteria. A mechanical brush will help you get rid of any moss, algae, and marks that have been sitting there throughout the winter. 

5: Clean Your BBQ 

The chances are you’ll want to have at least one BBQ this summer. You don’t want to invite your friends over for a BBQ and realize that you haven’t cleaned it since last summer, though. To prepare, get your BBQ out in the spring and give it a good deep clean in preparation for those sausages, chicken kebabs, and grilled shrimp. 

6: Declutter and Spring Clean 

Lastly, take some time to declutter your home and give it a spring clean. You want your house to be clean and fresh for the summertime, so go through each room and make it so. Don’t worry – you don’t have to do it all in one go. Take it one room at a time so that by the time summer comes around, you have a home you’d gladly invite friends over to. 

By preparing your home for the hotter months in winter and spring, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your entire summer.