Franck Muller: What’s The Great Appeal in Complications?

This is an exciting age for luxury watches. The more significant the means, the better. The more complicated it means, the more expensive it is. Watch lovers have different tastes when it comes to watches. Some love the minimalist look. Others don’t pay much attention to the brand. They only care about the fact that watches tell them the time. Then there are those who love watches for their own sake. For them, watches are investments. The more complicated the movements, the better. 

Franck Muller Watches

These are the types of people who love Franck Muller Watches for these reasons. There is fierce competition when it comes to design in the horological world. You can either be too businesslike or too sporty. Some companies avoid ornamentation for the sake of looking more businesslike. This approach is to appeal to those working in the corporate world. However, there are also luxury brands that go for a more sporty look. This approach is to appeal to people who are more outdoorsy and who are more adventurous. Franck Muller is neither. The brand aims to be different in all aspects.

Franck Muller Approach

The advantage of such an approach by Franck Muller is that its market became wider. People flock to it from all persuasions. There are those young and old, and some are either corporate or artistic. The thing about this brand is that it’s like listening to Classical music. The complications represent all the instruments in the orchestra. You can say that the approach is more flashy, but this is precisely what makes it beautiful. Instead of being too minimalist, the watch goes for a grander strategy.

There is poetry in a Franck Muller watch. This poetry is evident in the dials, the shape of the bezel and the watch face. Even the strap has a complication that looks musical. These musical and poetic things are not accidental. All great minds have grand aspirations. People are attracted to the watch the way they are attracted to symphonies, choral music and opera. This is a kind of watch that tells us to celebrate life and to be adventurous. 

The grand approach that gives Franck Muller a worldwide reputation

Franck Muller watches are many. However, in the world of luxury watches, the brand is considered a stalwart. It is not afraid to be bold and loud. And luxury is measured in these two things, after all. 

Franck Muller Aeternitas

One of the most expensive and grand luxury watches in the world is the Franck Muller Aeternitas. It costs around 2.7 Million dollars. Here’s why it’s so costly. The watch has 36 complications. That is quite a feat considering its size. Twenty-five of these complications are visible on the watch face. There are also a total of 1,483 components. There is also a 1000-year calendar, which is stunning. That is why right now, it is considered as the master of complications. 

Complications: Building the Famous Franck Muller

How do you embed all the complications known to this day inside a watch that was designed to be worn? Complications are hard, and this is quite challenging in the world of watchmakers. Thus, the undertaking was enormous. Nevertheless, Franck Muller showed tremendous artistic and intellectual promise at a young age. 

He was a student of design. He also displayed a great passion for watchmaking, even from an age where children thought of playing. Muller attended four years of watchmaking courses in Geneva. This discipline enabled him to create his watches, and they were launched in 1983. 

One of the most recognizable signatures of his brand is his complications. These complications are something other watch brands can only dream of but can never replicate. 

Franck Muller and His Creation

It was considered that this is an intricate process. The process involves planning and arranging. Then after that, follows perfect execution. The aim was for the watch to do what you want it to do. And apart from being a watch, it should while still being able to tell the time. To be able to achieve the complications and also to say to the time daily involve extreme talent. The talent is focused on calculations and estimations of an excellent mathematical mind. This is the DND of all Franck Muller watches. The creator himself bestowed most of the craft and precision in his brand. This is quite rare. To have the craft and skill set to create a marketing appeal on his brand is rare. The creation led to the brand to be established in the early ’90s. This only became possible with the help of his co-founder and now CEO of the Franck Muller Group, Vartan Sirmakes. Such history is colorful on its own, and it is worth a book. 

Franck Muller never intended to be viewed as a casual brand. On the contrary, it is a brand that commands attention and fireworks. It is a brand that inspires greatness in people. That is why it is a watch that you can wear on extraordinary occasions. It is as flashy as the best cars, wines, and clothes. It is a kind of look that is not ashamed to be called haute couture. It is a brand for those who love the sweetness of life. Franck Muller is also a name that is associated with abundance and excellence.

In Conclusion

Is Franck Muller a kind of watch for you? To answer this, you need to assess your lifestyle. Are you bold and adventurous? Are you confident in being who you are? Note that if you say that you agree or be affirmative to all these questions above, this is the watch brand. 

Next time you are looking for a watch, then think about Franck Muller. Is it the kind of watch that speaks to your heart? Perhaps there is something in you that deserves such grandness. If you think your life is like a grand opera with its dramas and victories, then Franck Muller is for you. Franck Muller is a work of art that deserves respect and also admiration. If you think you are the person, then wearing one should be part of your everyday life.