Did you know that more than 42,000 Australian households invested in solar panels in Australia alone in 2020? With upfront investments coming down significantly over the last ten years and individuals taking a more active approach to reducing their environmental footprint, the installation costs have come down as well.

On average, Solar Panels Central Coast buyers saved an average of 48% on their home electricity bill over the last three years. With electricity rates continuing to climb and the government continuing to offer generous incentives to individuals to buy back electricity, it is an excellent time to invest in solar. Need more good reasons? Here are four simple reasons that you should invest in solar in 2021.

  1. $0 Household Electricity Bills

Yes, the benefits to the environment are significant, but so are the benefits to your back pocket. Residents that invested in solar panels found that it takes less than three years to break even on their initial, upfront solar investment. With solar panel prices coming down, and electricity prices going up, the proposition of a $0 bill has never been more appealing.

  • Home with Solar Are Worth More

Staggering but true – solar panels can be great financial investment even if you plan on selling your home in the near future. A study by LJ Hooker Real Estate found that homes with solar panels fetched a premium to those that did not have solar panels. Even if you are looking to sell over the next few years, you could still benefit from your investment in the short term.

  • Government Incentives

The government is continuing to buy surplus solar energy from residents that harvest more than they use. It is likely that these benefits will go away over the next few years (Just like $0 Tesla Supercharger usage in Australia), however, if you install solar now, you could still be paid for the energy that you harvest. Not only will this mean that you recoup your upfront investment in a short space of time, but you could also be paid for your energy going forward.