Over 9 years forex.md provides high quality trading services for those who are interested in trading forex, futures, and other financial instruments. As a most known forex service provider in the country, forex.md only partners with Top forex brokers for a high-quality service and provides the best education for people that are interested in financial trading.

Forex.md always had a prime focus on providing high quality services that is why created the first eLearning program in the country that offers free and easy to access forex education. Moreover, Forex.md encourage only safe trading, that is in the limit of smart risk management and always put the associated risk in front of customers so the trading would be the safe way of investing and not the aggressive trading style, that some brokers are promoting. The unique eLearning program is designed and made in Moldova so its language will be fully understood by local people and will be able to contact for support in case some more assistance is needed. Lessons are free of charge and accessible 24/7 as they are registered video tutorials. Into the program can be found starting with basic of trading up to open real trades on the market.

The platformencourages everyone to trade on Forex Demo Account before started to invest in the market. Demo account is designed to practice and understand the risk associated to trading. The Forex.md partners provide 100 percent similarity between the forex demo account and Real account. That is why this instrument is a must for all beginners in forex trading.

For experienced, or those who tested their ability on Demo account and wants to move to the next level, the platform provide a Real Forex Account. With premium futures as same day money withdrawal, low trading commissions, no deposit fees. The forex.md services stand out and positions it as a top forex trading provider in the region.

Forex trading has been around for long time, but recently it became more and more popular with retail traders and the trading services offer is way bigger that it was in the beginning, that is why is very important to do the homework and do good research on a broker’s profile. Likely for population from Moldova, forex.md is doing the research for them and offer only top-quality services. The partner brokers are fully licensed, regulated in European jurisdictions and you can rest assure that your money and trading orders are safe and at your access when you need them.

The instruments of trading are also innovative and are design to help you to trade in confidence and help you to take the most of your trading experience.

The trading platform is very intuitive, so anyone can easily install the trading platform and open a real trading account, deposit funds, and start trading in the matter of minutes. The withdrawal process is also very easy and user friendly, just by clicking couple of buttons the trader can withdraw his funds.

Forex.md partners provide top support, that can be accessed from the platform and easily can address the question and get the answer 24/7.

With that being said, the platform forex.md is design for trader on every stage of their trading journey.

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