Melbourne is the capital of Australia’s smallest state: Victoria. The city is located in the extreme south of the country and, therefore, has the four seasons of the year very well defined. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest metropolis and is known for blending European characteristics with a very Australian identity.

The city is known as the capital “of arts and culture”, so it offers several options for tours, shows, gastronomy, architecture, museums and galleries. In addition, Melbourne also hosts several sporting events each year, such as the Australian Open Tennis, which attracts hundreds of tourists and is broadcast around the world.

Melbourne Location

It is a destination for those who like active and lively regions, as Melbourne is home to several cafes, restaurants, natural landscapes that contrast with the Victorian architecture and urban art of graffiti that adorn part of the blocks.Melbourne is an easy city to get around both for the offer of cable cars that pass through its streets, and for the infrastructure that allows its inhabitants to ride their bikes in every neighborhood.

As Melbourne is located further south in Australia, some of its highways are right on the seafront, which guarantees breathtaking views and plenty of seaside programs. It is possible to travel from Melbourne to Adelaine, for example, along the south-east coast of the country, the Great Ocean Road, and make a typical movie program, with incredible and enthralling scenery. In addition, Melbourne’s mountains are also a must-see attraction.

Melbourne Job Opportunities

It is common for the study experience in Australia to be so good that students are eager to extend their stay and work in Melbourne. Even if a vacancy in the desired area of expertise does not come right away, it is possible to find enriching opportunities in the city. These are the most common job options in Australia:

cleaning helper;
store clerk;
supermarket cashier.

Starting with these functions ensures that you get along with a lot of people, which in addition to helping you better adapt to the customs and habits of the local population, allows you to exercise your English and gain fluency in the language quickly and intuitively.

Melbourne is a city that attracts many young people who are looking for an interesting, busy, dynamic destination that offers quality education. In addition to the many options for tourist attractions and leisure programs, the city is home to some of the best schools and universities in the world, offering international students the opportunity to live incredible experiences, qualify professionally and work abroad.

Weather in Melbourne

Melbourne’s climate is considered to be unstable because of day-to-day temperature variations. The temperate climate guarantees mild springs, summers with warm and high temperatures, milder autumns and colder winters.

How is the temperature throughout the year?

Compared Sydney, the capital of the State of Victoria has a more London climate. While the average temperature in summer is 25℃, in winter the average is 14℃ Summer in Melbourne starts in December and runs through February, months when temperatures are at their highest.

From March to May the weather becomes milder during the autumn and winter lowers temperatures from June to August. The weather heats up again from September to November, when the city welcomes spring and it is possible to enjoy the warmer temperatures again.

As the weather varies a lot in Melbourne, it is recommended that you always be prepared with a light coat and an umbrella, especially in October, the wettest month there.

What to do during seasons?

With its tourist style, the city hosts several sporting events throughout the year. Tennis, for example, is one of the main attractions for sports fans during the summer when the Tennis Championship and Grand Slam Australian Open take place.

In March, during the fall, the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix takes place. In June, amid the cooler temperatures, the International Jazz Festival takes place. In spring, you can see the most famous horse race in the country, the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Quality of life in Melbourne

Melbourne has already been voted the best city in the world to live in seven times, as mentioned above, and its infrastructure plays a fundamental role in this ranking. The infrastructure directly interferes with the quality of life of the local population because it guarantees access to public spaces without having to spend a lot on it.

Understand better what makes the city so capable of receiving people from all over the world and why its infrastructure is a reference!

Cost of living

Despite being one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians traveling to Australia, Sydney is considered the city with the highest cost of living. The calculation takes into account rents, transport, leisure and the value of consumer goods.

Melbourne is an excellent option as it is cheaper to live in than Sydney, and it also offers many free options, including transport and leisure, which helps to further reduce the cost of living there. In addition, the Australian government allows international students, with a study visa, to work up to 20 hours a week during their stay in the country, which also helps to reduce expenses.

Public transportation

Those who are not from Melbourne have no difficulty getting around the city due to quality public transport. In addition to buses that cover a large part of the capital, ferries, trains and cable cars are also options that help people get from one corner to another. Prices vary according to the means of transport, but in general they are very affordable.

You need to buy a myki card, a prepaid card used to place credits to use transportation, for $6. It’s easy to buy in shops and tourist centers and it’s rechargeable, ensuring you always have a way to get around Melbourne without too many problems.

In addition, in the city center there is the Free Tram Zone, an area where trams are free. Line 35, City Circle, is also free and is aimed at tourists who want to know the main points of the city.


Melbourne is a very safe city. It is normal for the inhabitants to walk the streets even at dawn without many worries about robberies and robberies. No wonder that Melbourne was elected by The Economist also as one of the ten safest cities in the world, occupying the fifth position.

Public spaces

Parks and squares are very well preserved and explored by the local population. It’s easy to make free, quality programs without getting into a rut. Each square offers an ideal space to meet friends, meet people and enjoy the best of the city.

Open-air markets also attract hundreds of people and it is very common to find concerts and street performers throughout the year. There is an obvious concern with public spaces and this is reflected in the wide range of outdoor activities and the preservation of Melbourne’s monuments and buildings.

Melbourne’s top tourist attractions

One of the curiosities about Australia is that Melbourne is considered the cultural center of the country and Victoria is a state known for its landscapes favorable to the practice of extreme sports. In cities close to the capital, you can find ideal settings for rafting, hiking, abseiling and, in winter, snowboarding. However, the capital itself offers several tourist attractions that guarantee incredible tours throughout the year. There is so much to do in Melbourne!

Federation Square

Federation Square is a meeting point in the city, where various cultural events take place throughout the year. In addition to being a reference for the local population, Federation Square houses small shops for shopping, bars to meet friends and restaurants to learn a little of the best local cuisine has to offer. This public square is adjacent to Flinders Station, the city’s main train station, and several museums, putting it in a strategic location.

Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum tells part of the history of the State of Victoria, from the heritage of the natives to the natural landscapes. It is one of Melbourne’s most visited attractions and also has permanent and traveling exhibitions. The museum is separated into galleries that decorate the three floors of the building.

In addition to Aboriginal objects, the galleries have photographs, interactive exhibits, documentaries and industrial projects. It is a must visit for those who are curious to learn more about the region’s history and customs.

Eureka Skydeck

Located in Southbank, Eureka Skydeck is the largest tower in the southern hemisphere. With a 360-degree viewing platform, it attracts dozens of visitors every day and is a Melbourne city landmark. The wonderful view yields incredible photographs and is a great place to admire the Australian sunset in all its glory.

It is also possible to enjoy the fine restaurants on the 89th floor and live a unique experience. For those who aren’t afraid of heights, The Edge, a glass cube located on the 88th floor, offers the experience of floating above ground with a glass floor.

Queen Victoria Market

For those looking for spices and typical foods, the Queen Victoria Market is a must visit. You can walk to Melbourne city center or take one of the trams on Elizabeth Street.

The Queen Victoria Market is one of the largest open air markets and offers everything from decorative items and souvenirs to seafood and typical foods. It is possible to experiment

The Queen Victoria Market is one of the largest open air markets and offers everything from decorative items and souvenirs to seafood and typical foods. You can try fresh fruits and vegetables, stroll through the markets and get directions from the locals. In addition to being a great place to shop, the Queen Victoria Market is a fun and healthy outing.

State Library of Victoria

The State Library of Victoria is Australia’s premier library and the building itself is well worth the visit. The imposing columns form the architecture of the library and are the target of the admiration of tourists who visit the place and the population who have the place as a meeting point.

The library’s collection is vast and ranges from books to photos, newspapers and documents. There are also several events and workshops within the place, so it’s worth checking the venue’s schedule so you don’t miss a thing.


Brunswick is the most hipster neighborhood in the city. In addition to being a perfect place to meet friends because of the wide variety of cafes, thrift stores and art galleries, its streets are true backdrops for photographs. In addition to the graffiti that adorns some of the walls and alleys, the colorful buildings and cable cars are sure to make excellent memories.


Fitzroy is one of Melbourne’s coolest neighborhoods, a suburb full of street art and urban settings perfect for young people. The neighborhood offers many options of bars and points to eat and drink. With very vintage shops and alternative bars, the region attracts people interested in the indie scene, being compared to London.

Brighton Beach

For those looking for a relaxing getaway on a beach paradise, it’s impossible not to mention Brighton Beach. Located in one of Melbourne’s wealthiest neighborhoods, the beach is known for its bathing boxes, small colorful bathhouses that mark the place’s landscape.

Listed as heritage, these houses follow the same architectural style, but have different paintings that help color the beach and serve as small deposits. Brighton Beach is the perfect place to enjoy the beach, relax and even take amazing photos of the unique houses.

Melbourne nightlife

Melbourne offers plenty of options for those looking for fun and entertainment at night in the capital. Melbourne’s nightlife is lively with clubs, pubs, bars and live music all around. In addition, there are options for shows and comedy clubs throughout the city, which makes the city always offer something new and fun to occupy the nights, such as the Night Market.

The city has a wide variety of restaurants, including many options for oriental cuisine in Chinatown. Melbourne is also a city known for its rooftop bars and restaurants, known as rooftops. Rooftops are very popular for programs at night, especially in summer, especially by young people looking for different meeting points.

For those looking for a different program, the Crown Entertainment Complex, for example, is a small city within Melbourne, a paradise for those looking for shows, restaurants, accommodation and even a casino, the Crown Casino. Located on the south bank of the Yarra River, in the Southbank district, this complex offers events throughout the year and is a tour for those who are always looking for something new and different.

Anyone who dares to visit another country knows that there are several opportunities after the study whether they are more professional possibilities, development of new skills, more confidence in choosing a career or even personal growth. Study is an excellent way to grow as a professional and as a person and Melbourne could be your ideal study destination!

Now that you know all about Melbourne, download the Australia City Guide for free and choose your next destination!