If you have a large or giant breed dog, you already know or are quickly learning that finding products for these gentle giants can be difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible.

Shopping for beds for large dogs is not as simple as just heading down to your local big box pet store either. Large breeds require special needs and therefore require special beds. Any old bed just won’t do and typically can’t be found at your local pet store. Your pup deserves a thick dog mattress that helps him get better sleep and live a more comfortable life.

Bully Beds | Orthopedic dog beds for a better sleep & a better life

First, it’s well know that big dogs are more prone to joint and hip problems than other smaller breeds. Therefore, they require a more supportive bed. The most supportive large dog beds are comprised of some type of orthopedic or memory foam.

These memory foam dog beds provide the comfort and support big dogs require. When searching for a bed for your big guy or girl, try to seek out these types of supportive foam. Stay away from cheap foams or any shredded type of foams. They won’t last long and will clump and not provide uniform support and comfort.

A good bed should feel nearly as comfortable or more so than your own mattress. If the bed doesn’t feel comfortable to you, it probably won’t to your dog. That’s why many dogs seek out our couches and mattresses because those two options are usually more comfy than their own beds. 

Second, large dog beds should be much thicker than a standard dog bed. Standard dog beds are usually 2-3 inches thick, which is fine for smaller dogs. However, a Great Dane or Mastiff can easily weigh 150 pounds or a lot more. Under this type of weight, the standard 2-3 inch bed just won’t hold up and provide the support your dog needs.

Look for a bed that is at least 4 inches in thickness at a bare minimum and made from high quality foam. The ideal thickness should probably be 6-7 inches so the foam doesn’t collapse under your dog’s weight. Also, the increased foam thickness is better for taller and heavier breeds because it provides a little bit of a raised platform and raised edges, which makes it easier for large breeds to lay down on and get up from.

A thick dog mattress will allow your dog to sleep more soundly and especially help them feel better during their explosive puppy growth stages.

Third, make sure the bed you decide on has a washable and removable cover. Larger breeds and older dogs tend to drool and you’ll want something that removes easily and will stand up to numerous washes over time.

A waterproof cover will also go a very long way in protecting the foam from drool and accidents. Also make sure the zipper is heavy duty. A cheap zipper will not last through the unzipping process that will occur over years of usage.