CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - JANUARY 02, 2015: A man trying to log in Instagram application using Apple iPhone 6. Instagram is largest and most popular photograph social networking site in the world.

Have no idea to boost your business on Instagram? Find effective tips in this post to build a successful brand on this big social media platform.

Be patient! There is no quick way to get a large audience on Instagram. Attracting fans has a long way to go. You may argue that you can buy Instagram followers for quick and sharp growth. Yes, you can. But you can not buy followers every day. It’s too costly.

If you want to know the organic and continuous growth tips, keep reading.

Run Contests and Giveaways

You can always hold an online contest or raffle to see who gets the most attention. These are sure to attract a slew of new devotees. People appreciate getting free stuff, especially if it doesn’t cost them much.

Your contest should have rules. Before they may qualify, require them to like a post and follow your account. Use a branded hashtag in the captions of user-generated content if the contest involves it.

Rewards might be anything from little to a substantial sum of money. In most cases, it’s a freebie or a gift basket. Winning entries from user-generated content (UGC) contests are frequently shown in a blog post. It has gotten so bad that some companies have even used billboards to display images of their customers.

Participate In Collaborations

To increase your Instagram following, team up with well-known businesses or influencers. Back to the competitions we go. Fashion and lifestyle influencers often collaborate with one another on Instagram to hold contests and to be eligible for the prize, you must follow the other influencers’ Instagram accounts. Everyone who took part will be checking out their feed and checking out the postings of the influencers they’ve followed. After that, they’re committed as a follower for the rest of their lives. You can see how simple it was, can’t you?

There are numerous ways to collaborate with others in order to increase the number of individuals who follow you. Overtaking pages is a common strategy. The majority of celebrities will take over an Instagram account to promote their work, much like a performer may take over an awards show’s page to promote their performance. This will entice people to visit your page in order to see what your favorite artist or influencer is up to, and they’ll be more likely to read through the rest of your content.

If you’re not a musician, consider appearing in each other’s videos and images as an alternative method to collaborate. In return for the promotion of their clothing, boutiques frequently collaborate with fashion influencers. To promote a new collection or new arrivals, brands often send 5 to 6 models on photo shoots and mini getaways. As a result, all of the accounts’ followers will be tagged in the shot, giving the business exposure and, ideally, bringing in new free Instagram followers.

Set Up Targeted Ads

The fact that targeted ads are official Instagram advertisements means that they can be extremely effective in increasing Instagram follower’s numbers. For targeting purposes, you can either promote current posts or create new ones. It’s critical to understand who you’re trying to reach (your target audience), as well as what text to include beneath or on top of the image. It is possible to specify a specific place and select the gender, age, and interest of people that you want to see among your followers while using this method of advertisement.

Take note: to create targeted advertising on Facebook, use the Facebook Ads Manager tool. In that section, you’ll find a more comprehensive range of settings. It is possible to set up your advertisements for both Instagram stories and the Instagram feed, or you may choose only one location.

Make Shoppable Instagram Feeds

Instagram shopping is a well-liked method of doing your online shopping. And, as previously indicated, Instagram is a popular tool for finding the perfect purchase.

As a result, creating shoppable Instagram streams for businesses is a no-brainer. With shoppable feeds, consumers can explore, click, and buy right away, because they are linked directly to your product page.

Users are more inclined to promote your brand to others if they have a positive direct buying experience with it.

Leverage Instagram Stories and Highlights

For marketers on Instagram, Instagram Stories have quickly become a key engagement driver. After the 24-hour period has passed, what will happen to the Stories that were submitted? They will vanish if you don’t save them as highlights first. Thanks to an easy-to-use feature, you can save your Stories as highlights:

This is a great opportunity to add photographs that represent your brand’s personality because you may modify the covers for each highlight. The cover photographs we selected for our highlights not only suited our brand but also spoke to the substance of each highlight.

The Instagram profile highlight cover photographs from Leadpages are displayed in this iPhone prototype using the Open Graph protocol. Remember to choose a resolution of 1080px by 1920px when creating your highlight cover images!

Promote Your Instagram Account Everywhere

Because it’s one of the best ways to increase your social media following across the board, don’t be shy about spreading the word about your Instagram. What you need are more free Instagram likes and followers.

Adding an Instagram widget to your website or blog lets visitors know where to find you and where they can see your latest photos. Include a button in your blog’s sidebar or at the conclusion of each article so that people can easily follow your updates. In particular, this is critical if you write about comparable subjects rather than only pushing your items.

Other social media platforms are excellent places to disseminate information about your Instagram account. Posts mentioning your new Instagram account and encouraging others to follow you there are included in this category. Make sure they know what to expect on Instagram if they enjoyed your posts on Facebook, for example by sending them an invite to follow you there.

When you’re done setting up your Instagram, remember to share the URL with others. Rather than merely ‘,’ connections to your account will now show as ‘,’ making it easier for users to discover you without having to type in your username twice or go through a cumbersome search procedure to locate your profile.