I was writing songs for you I’m looking for you come into the world I’m waiting. 

I Look into your mysterious eyes and I got such a big surprise I always knew you were here with me. I am feeling so damn good just like I knew I would because you are here with me. And I can’t deny and I try to visualize you in my arms I want you now right here up close and personal. Let’s get it on gonna do you right baby not wrong so I wanna say how I’m feeling are you ready baby for some sexual healing. Let’s explore my world or yours I’m wanting more and more of you and what I’m gonna do and someday I wanna share my love with you. You got me hypnotized its plain to see oh baby your my fantasy. In this place of sins but I don’t care because I know that my devil he wins I’m gonna demonstrate right now I won’t be late oh baby your my destiny oh devil your my fate. I get so excited do you wanna play with me we can get freaky oh baby bring it on and our party oh devil has just begun my magical devil man I’m your greatest fan. Devil man Mr. Red you know that you can always share my bed in between the sheets oh baby it will be so sweet. Romance or passion or business or pleasure whatever we do oh baby it’s you I’ll always treasure. Look into your window with your eyes this way I’ll be looking back today. Waiting and anticipating to be with you just you and I only want to be just with you can you give me a clue. So I know what I should do to get to where you are I’ll be coming someday no matter how near or far. You are my future you’re all I need I’ll throw away everything else I’m trying to stay calm you my devil you are my lucky charm. I wear you with pride and I lust for only you its true but inside my heart is a special deep love for only you. I counted and smelled the long stem red roses and every single one I daydream of what we can have there or here. Where are you another world, realm or dimension I’m needing you with me so that I can show you affection. Don’t get angry and get up and walk away from your seat the door has opened and a powerful force has allowed us to meet.      

Bad Mouthing Marion Julius? Not a whore but she’ll kick your and she will score whatever you say there is a very powerful entity watching you all so watch what you say about her. Whenever you say or do anything bad about this girl a powerful entity will inform her. Then we got some stalkers who are cops like leave the girl alone really still using her as a guinea pig to get information why don’t you go and do your own jobs for once? Always copying Marion’s work and ideas for information. Google searching her like really surely 

you were born with a brain can’t you think for yourselves? 

“Everything is going to be okay because the devil always gets his way………….DEVIL WINS.”