How many times have we heard someone say that they studied English for many years, but that they still can’t speak the language professionally? The reason for this “tongue lock”, most of the time, is the few opportunities to talk to someone in English. This difficulty is even greater when it comes to dialogues related to the business world.

It is only possible to learn to speak the English used in work environments when you live in that environment. Nowadays, anyone looking to reach new heights in their careers has an obligation to communicate fluently in English.

One option that has attracted many young professionals in recent years is to live, study and work for a season in Australia, a country with the second best HDI (Human Development Index) on the planet. The nation of Oceania also has an extensive education network, offering courses ranging from basic English to specializations in the areas of information technology, communication, finance, engineering, health, hospitality and tourism.

In a short time, you will be able to notice that immersion in the language brings a lot of evolution in your communication skills. Are you looking to take new flights professionally? Read on to find out how a Business English course in Australia can help you go far!

Live in one of the best countries in the world

The nation of Oceania has one of the best standards of living on the planet. Its cities are modern and offer mobility, comfort, leisure and safety for its inhabitants.

Crime is almost zero, except for some confusion in bars and minor traffic irregularities. Therefore, anyone interested in learning English and enjoying this beautiful country can rest assured: the risks are very low.

International students and young professionals have as their favorite study destinations in Australia, the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast region, a surfing paradise.

During study periods, it is possible to travel to discover the country, which has natural beauties, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback desert, as its best-known tourist destinations.

Practice your English all day

When living in another country, there’s no way around it: any activity will require you to communicate in English. Therefore, from the first minute on the Australian soil, his intimacy with the language starts to increase very fast.

Simple tasks, like buying supplies at the supermarket or asking for information on the street, teach you new words, expressions and improve your pronunciation in the language without the need to use online translators, for example.

Classes in Brazil teach English to be used in specific situations and conversations, which does not give students the opportunity to think and reason in the language they are learning. When the student has doubts, it is common for teachers to explain in Portuguese. This inhibits the development of expression skills.

Confronted with the English language at all times, you can train your skills with possibilities of situations that would never be found in your own country.

Get in touch with people from other cultures

Australia welcomes students from all over the world who are looking for a leading education and experience away from home. It is common for groups of young people to inhabit republics, which are dormitories and apartments that are cheaper.

Give preference to living with people who do not speak Portuguese, as this will establish that everyone can communicate in English, increasing the time of contact with the language, after all, an investment like this deserves 100% dedication.

Studying abroad is a great chance for you to expand your network of contacts and meet people with cultures and habits quite different from yours. This trip is focused on learning English, however, it is also an experience that only contributes to personal growth.

Take customized Business English courses

When you look for a Business English course in Australia, you leave the day-to-day learning of English and direct your knowledge of the language to the professional area in which you work. There are hundreds of schools available in the country, which will design a curriculum that will meet your most specific needs.

These programs are designed to develop conversational English applied in business areas such as communication (marketing, journalism, public relations, advertising), information technology (computer engineering, information systems, systems analysis and development, IT management ) and finance (financial market, controllership, tax accounting, corporate finance, treasury and financial planning).

Each of these job niches has its own language, so the Business English course will address the vocabulary in your field of work, enabling you to conduct meetings, give presentations and prepare reports in English, as well as relate to skilled people from all over the world.

Due to these characteristics, this program helps business professionals to develop their careers, preparing them for higher positions, managerial positions and for opportunities in large multinational companies and abroad.

The expansion of your network of contacts overseas brings the possibility of professional opportunities in other countries in the future. Nowadays, many people are recruited by nations that have a demand for employees with good education, practical experience and competence in communicating with business partners.

Before classes start, you will speak with a consultant to establish what your level of English is, what topics you need to work on and what skills you want to improve.

Then, your study goals are established, which will be reviewed and analyzed according to the duration of your Business English training.

In addition to the options for Business English courses, you will also find English options aimed at other professional areas, such as engineering, healthcare, hospitality and events.

To decide which is the best school for your needs, seek the advice of an agency specializing in exchanges in the Land of Kangaroos. There are several options for educational institutions in Australia, and only those who have a lot of experience sending students there can provide the best support for your decision-making.

The country also offers a range of vocational courses, which can add a lot to your curriculum and create other possibilities for your career.

An experience abroad will be a turning point, both in your professional and personal life. Anyone who wants to study Business English in Australia can be sure that it will be a trip to remember forever!