Customer self service is when users are given tools in order to find the solution to their problem on their own. Customer self service means that there is no need for a representative to assist the customer. In other words, there is no human interaction necessary. It is a similar concept to self checkout at a grocery store. The grocery store provides the customers with scanners and computers in order to check themselves out without the assistance of a cashier. Customer self service is the future of support, there are many pros of this service, lets’ get into those now.

Boost web traffic

Through search engine optimization, a well working self service center will guarantee more clicks on your website. A frequently asked questions page will surely contain a ton of keywords that will drive traffic to your site. Plus, if your self service is particularly knowledgeable, customers will develop trust in your company and likely turn to you again the next time they need assistance. If all the information a customer needs is in one place, this is a very attractive hub that will bring in more traffic.

Customers will learn

If you were to just solve the customer’s problem for them and send them on their way, they would never learn how to solve the issue and would constantly be searching for help whenever an issue arises. If you give someone a fish, they will eat for a day, teach someone how to fish, however, and they can eat for a lifetime. A self service center allows customers to learn things on their own with guided help. By giving customers tools to solve things on their own you are creating a smarter customer pool and giving your customers a widened skill set and additional critical thinking skills.

More recommendations

A good self service portal will lead satisfied customers to recommend your service to others. The other previously mentioned positives go hand in hand with this one. If Your customers are learning on their own and developing knowledge then they will likely recommend your service. And if you have more traffic to your website and your website gains more name recognition, then it will be easier and more likely that others will recommend your services. Word of mouth is powerful and it spreads fast. A good self service portal is a huge reason people make recommendations. If a customer feels assured they can solve the problems they’ll face, then they’ll feel assured they can recommend your site to others.

better allocation of resources

With a self service portal, you don’t have the need to employ someone to work on customer support. Whether that is you or someone that you hire, you can now use that time and money elsewhere. Instead of working in your business, you can work on your business. Spend that money to make the service itself better, rather than making the support for it better. Spend the extra time advertising for your website on social media or other outlets. Where you reallocate your time and money is up to you, but it is extremely beneficial to use your time and money somewhere besides support.