Today’s mobile era demands connectivity across a broad range of devices. From smartphones and tablets to laptops, set-top boxes, and cars, devices are constantly connecting to smartphones and the cloud. And as the number of connected devices continues to increase, so does the complexity of the platform. From the way software and services communicate with the operating system to the hardware that connects the different components of a device, a platform needs to be flexible, secure, and able to handle the rapid changing needs of users. For Qualcomm Technologies, the Qualcomm In-Vehicle Computing (iVCo) vision is to bring together the latest innovations in connectivity, processing, and storage to create a platform that is optimized for mobility. In February, we welcomed Cristiano Amon as the new CEO of Qualcomm Technologies. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to who Cristiano is and what you can expect from him.

Cristiano Amon’s Journey

Cristiano joined Qualcomm in 2000 and has held a number of roles. He started as an engineer and worked his way up to become the Vice President of Engineering for all of Qualcomm’s products. Now, he’s the CEO of Qualcomm Technologies. Amon brings with him a wealth of experience in the tech sector. He has transformed engineering organizations, led cross-functional teams, and overseen research and development efforts at both companies and universities. We’re excited to have Cristiano leading our team, where he will focus on accelerating innovation across the company to set us up for the future. The first question on many people’s minds is what can we expect from Amon? Amon will be focusing on three things: building upon our leadership in 5G technologies; transforming how we operate as a company; and developing our portfolio to meet the needs of both consumers and enterprises. One thing that you can expect is that while these are big goals, they are achievable through incremental changes aligned with our core values. You can read more about Cristiano Amon in this blog post –

What’s in Cristiano’s Plan for Qualcomm?

Cristiano is a highly accomplished executive, having served as an executive at HP and then serving as the chairman of VIA Telecom. With a history of over thirty years in the tech industry, he brings with him a deep knowledge of semiconductors, software, and telecommunications. Cristiano’s vision for Qualcomm includes two main priorities: – Accelerating market adoption of Qualcomm technologies – Facilitating innovation and development to fundamentally change how people interact with devices His plan includes continuing to grow the company’s leadership in wireless connectivity and mobile computing, investing in continued growth in 5G technology, building on the company’s strengths in automotive with the iVCo platform, and expanding its leadership position in machine learning by bringing intelligence outside of the device. And increase promotion efforts, use social platforms to publish marketing activities, and use innovative solutions at the exhibition to attract more experiencers. Such as wearing custom lanyards for the experiencers present, and after they participate in each link, they can collect logo pins and pin them on the lanyard. You can also choose promotional gifts such as custom wristbands, keychains, etc. Given to participants, can make them have more experience. And it is more conducive to enhancing brand awareness. He is excited to get started at Qualcomm Technologies!

Themes for Cristiano’s First Quarter

Cristiano has a deep understanding of the mobile industry, which is invaluable to Qualcomm Technologies as we continue to innovate for our customers. In his first few months, he has been focused on three main themes: – Building momentum around Qualcomm Technologies’ vision for the future with our partners and customers – Continuing to invest in R&D innovation with a focus on 5G – Aligning our workforce and culture to ensure that Qualcomm Technologies can execute on our strategy We are confident that these themes will allow us to deliver more value to our customers while continuing to grow as a competitive company.You Might Be Interested In

What to Expect from Cristiano in the Future

As the new CEO, Cristiano will be responsible for Qualcomm Technologies’ strategy and execution. He will also lead product development, global business operations, sales, marketing, and engineering. During his time at Broadcom, he was wildly successful in delivering profitable revenue growth through disciplined execution of a clear strategy. At Qualcomm Technologies, he plans on applying similar principles to help grow the company’s annual revenues from $5 billion to more than $6 billion by 2020. His focus is on making it easier for everyone—developers, OEMs, carriers—to build better products and services with technology that is smarter and more powerful than ever before. One important part of this is accelerating the pace of innovation in our products so that we can deliver the latest technologies faster than ever before. To do this at an even greater scale than before—across many different industries—he plans on leading with three key initiatives: 1) Partnering with customers to accelerate their success: With partners like Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc., they have already delivered many cutting-edge innovations in mobile computing that have become industry standards. 2) Investing in a world-class workforce: To maintain its leadership position for decades to come, Qualcomm Technologies will need to attract top talent from around the globe. 3) Driving growth through innovation: It is essential for Qualcomm Technologies to continue driving innovation across all areas of the business through investment in research and development (R&D).

Bottom line

Cristiano Amon is an engineer by trade and a businessman with broad experience in the field. With his talent, vision, and enthusiasm, we are confident that as head of Qualcomm Technologies he will help our platform continue to be at the forefront of connectivity and innovation.