Corded Headsets

Mind-relaxation is a must thing for staying healthy. While getting 8 hours of sleep in a comfy bed is important, a good pair of headsets can help you too in this matter. Various models of corded headsets for phones can lull you with soothing tunes or a podcast to clear your head.

They cut you from the outside world by blocking all the surrounding noise and let your inner soul hear you:

1) TAKSTAR HF 580:

This pair of corded headsets come with a large planar magnetic driver that converts the electrical signal into sound waves. Contrary to typical drivers, it has a flat diaphragm that brings you a hi-fi stereo effect. It can easily deal with a range of sensitive and dynamic frequencies to produce a pleasant listening experience in the earpieces.


Its deep and powerful bass enables you to listen to every pitch of the sound coming from different beats during music listening. Imaging, which is the left-right localization of sound, of these pair of headsets is remarkably good. They are equally decent when it comes to the comfort of users while wearing. The Bridgestone earpieces do not infuse into the skull of users who wear glasses. Non-detachable cable and a bit higher price than the other models are their two weak points.

2) Egghead Mobile-Ready:

The distinction points of these headsets are increasing durability and higher build quality. Made from the material of finest quality, the adjustable headband and ear cups deliver ultimate comfort even for long use. They are specifically made for the students who like to multi-task, such as solving some mathematical problems while listening to music.

They come with a boom mic that plays a vital role in engaging you to listen and speak at the same time. You can hear the voices of even the lowest decibels in a clear manner with the acoustic technology embedded in them and pc cleaner software. They are available in an on-ear style with a variety of silver and black colors. The only limitation is its bulky and heavy nature, but they never cause any discomfort during wear.

3) Sony MDR-XB50AP:

Sony MDR-XB50AP is the most famous in-ear headset that ensures a high level of sound isolation. The typical in-ear headphones that you come across the market are usually poor at negating the sound leakage. But, these popular headsets assure an excellent sound leakage performance to let you enjoy every music beat.


They have superb control keys that offer playback, volume up, volume down, and other such features. They have four different sizes for the ear tips that make them a snug fit for various users. The ear tips are made from silicone with adjustable ear loops that fit comfortably into the ears of users. The cord is completely tangle-free with premium quality material usage that does not produce electric shocks. It has a drawback, too, in the form of limited sound detail.

4) Yealink UH36:

Yealink UH36 headsets come in both specialized modes, i.e., monaural as well as binaural. They are specifically designed to relax the listeners by reducing listening fatigue. These are USB headsets, and the style is mostly on-ear. They are embedding with wideband HD audio technology that serves to provide a supreme listening experience. They protect your listening privacy by not permitting any sound go-off to the nearby.

Yealink UH36

The ear cushions are made from luxury and breathable material of soft leather. This design is the reason why the users would never experience any inconvenience even for all-day use. The authorization by the Microsoft team and Zoom speaks the volume of their richer sound quality and handy design. The price range of these headsets is decent and reasonable considering the features they promise to provide.


Impressive sound quality, decent design, and advanced volume control features can all be found in these headsets. Yet, they do not cost you a fortune. They are a great pick if you are fond of a specific color because of their availability in a vivid range of colors. They have a noise isolation technology installed similar to noise cancellation.


This technology results in the prevention of extra disturbing sounds that appear during music listening. The best thing is that they are foldable that makes them easy to store and a companion during traveling. If you desire to get engaging with the music without missing a beat, they are the best pick among all other headsets. Plantronics corded headsets and various other brands proudly display these headsets in their portfolio.

Final Words:

We have learned about the Jabra corded headsets for Phones that are best to relax with your music playlists. Your pick among them can vary on the basis of price, comfortability, sound profile, and cord quality. If you are still confusing about which one to pick, you can visit FindHeadsets that will provide you in-depth knowledge about these headsets’ specs.