Convert PDF to PDFA: 3 Reasons Why You Need PDFBear

Have you ever been in this situation? After months of hard work, you were finally ready to submit your thesis to your university. The only remaining thing you needed to do was to submit your PDFA file to your school’s online system. You sit down in front of your monitor with mixed emotions of pride and fear of your work. You decide that there’s no more turning back and click the submit button, but a prompt appears on the screen and says- File Error. You then assumed that there must be a minor glitch in the school system and tried to click submit, again and again. Till you finally read the text below the error prompt that says: The file submitted is not a PDFA file. But you remembered so clearly that you converted your PDF file into a PDFA through one PDF online converter you randomly chose to use when you surfed the net. By this point, you cannot understand what’s wrong, and all excitement and tension from submitting your work now turned into frustration. If ever this was your case, then you don’t need to worry, you are not alone in that experience. But before we get into the solution of this problem let’s first have a brief origin of the file format PDFA.

All You Need to Know About the PDFA Format

A PDF was created as a portable format and it performed well and people use it every day. However, after a certain point, people discovered it is sometimes difficult to access. Especially with documents that are 5 or 10 years old since the technology used in those files is not supported anymore, like PDF files with video embeds. To address this issue, they made an improved version of the PDF that has a new standard for long-term archiving called the PDFA. However, the PDFA also has some restrictions and different kinds of levels. First there came out 1a and 1b, with 1b being the lower level of PDFA, which meant it was for a more basic function and the 1a was stricter. Years later they introduced another kind of standard which was the 2a and 2b and 2u. The 2a was again the more complex format, 2b was the more basic while the 2u was a level somewhere in between the two. Many universities and other institutions require a PDFA to be in a 2u level or at least 1a. The PDF converter you used probably did convert your PDF file into a PDFA file but it was either 1b or 2b level. Now that you know that the problem is to convert PDFs to the right level. But how do you do it? If you want to know the best way to convert your PDF to PDFA then you have to know which one is the most reliable website. Not all online converters on the internet are equipped in converting PDFs to the highest level and this is why you need PDFBear. 

 Why Do You Need PDFBear?

1. Using PDFs Make You Look More Professional

Any website can claim that the services they provide are top-notch. However, not all websites are really up to the task. But PDFBear is a SaaS operated by PDF professionals who are software specialists and experts in the technological field as they partnered with Linuxbios. For this reason, PDFBear is not like all other websites that have flimsy foundations and unstable services. It is a dedicated service provider and continuously improves its services through the use of technology.

2. Quality and Safety

As mentioned many software viruses can be implanted in files when they encounter unreliable websites but with PDFBear this has never been and never will be the case. PDFBear also adheres to the highest security requirement by Google and has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate that protects its users from any hacking while using PDFBear. All private information such as bank accounts, contact numbers, and the files themselves are secured and protected. PDFBear prioritizes not only work to develop their user experience but also its user’s safety.

3. User Friendly and Convenient 

We all can get frustrated in trying to navigate our way in a PDF converters page. Instead of finding a quick and hassle-free process, you end up tangled in the confusing processes and can end up wasting time. PDFbear knows what users need and simplifies the process of each task. With each tool, simple step-by-step instructions are laid down that you can easily follow. PDFBear also knows the different needs involved when dealing with software files and makes available the tools needed for their user’s convenience. Whether it’s merging or deleting pages, adding passwords or other elements, converting files to and from PDF format, down to organizing and editing, PDFBear has got a complete set of options to make your workflow as smooth as possible. 

In Conclusion

There are tons of online PDF converters out there that could be utilized. However, even if they are available and open for you to use anytime, you could also risk your PDF files to exposure to viruses when you use their free services. Besides the fact that it takes a lot of time to find a PDF converter that can give you the right level, and quality, the safety of your files could be compromised if you’re not careful – that is why you need a reliable PDF website like PDFBear. Do you want to see how their services work? Visit their website and see for yourself, and you will find that converting that PDF to a PDFA file even at a 1a level will be a breeze.