Identify the thoughts you have about yourself

It is easy to internalize thoughts about ourselves that are negative and judgmental, but it is important for our overall well-being and happiness that we become aware of these thought patterns and learn how to respond differently. To gain body confidence and self-love it is necessary to identify unhealthy and unrealistic thoughts so that they can be challenged. This requires being attentive to our internal dialogue, as well as examining any messages from the outside world that may be coming in, such as media images or expectations of physical perfection. Once identified, our challenge is to learn how to respond more positively – both internally and externally – in order to build healthier thought patterns and gain greater acceptance of ourselves.

Start a gratitude practice

Building self-esteem usually starts with something simple – an awareness of oneself and limitations, failures, and successes. A great way to kickstart body confidence is by starting a gratitude practice to remind yourself of the wonderful things your body can and has accomplished. Take a moment every day to think about the little blessings that your body has achieved. This can be as small as getting out of bed in the morning or something bigger like running a mile or playing basketball with friends. By regularly recognizing these realities and giving thanks to your body for the abilities that it has, you can start to form positive associations between yourself and your own individual physical power. With regular practice, these thoughts will become automatic, leading to higher body esteem and self-love in no time at all!

Nourish your body with healthy, nutritious food

One of the most beneficial methods in being kinder to your body is by nourishing it with healthy, nutritious food – whilst still allowing occasional treats! Ice cream or chips? Why not both? Making conscious decisions to feed your body fuels with energy rather than drain them will have lasting results. Sending love outwards instead of criticism inwards can be one of the first steps along your journey toward building a healthier relationship with yourself.

Engage in physical activity as often as possible

Engaging in some form of physical activity, even just for 20 minutes per day or a few times a week, has immense beneficial effects on your body. Not only does it help you look better by strengthening and toning various muscles of the body, but it can also stimulate the production of endorphins in the brain – these feel-good chemicals that make you happy! In addition to this, any form of physical exercise will result in the burning of calories and working towards the maintenance or reduction of certain weight levels. All this leads to an increase in your body confidence and improves your overall relationship with yourself!

Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable

One great way to give an instant boost of confidence is by dressing in clothes that make you feel comfortable regardless of your shape or size. Everyone should strive to love the body they are in, and wearing clothing that gives you a strong sense of pleasure can be key to achieving this. Wearing clothes that fit just right, whether it be jeans or a dress, can make you feel good both physically and mentally. Don’t be afraid to follow trends while also using fashion as a means of expressing your unique style. With effort and patience, it is possible to gain confidence and self-love through fashion.

Consider beauty enhancement

When it comes to gaining body confidence and self-love, breast lifts in Utah are a great option to consider. Admittedly a bigger step than simply adopting better skincare or developing healthy eating habits, breast lifts can reshape the breast to balance out bodily proportions and lead to an increased sense of confidence. It can be difficult to feel beautiful in our own skin, but breast lifts performed by experienced plastic surgeons in the state of Utah offer the opportunity for friends and family members alike to give themselves that extra boost of self-love. With breast lifts, not only can individuals regain their figure following pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging; but they can also make a powerful statement about their beauty and worthiness of love.

Be kind to yourself

Improving your body image starts with changing how you think about yourself. This means learning to challenge negative beliefs and breaking the habit of criticizing yourself each time something doesn’t go according to plan. When you begin to feel down or overwhelmed, remember to use kind words and give yourself permission to show mercy rather than being overly harsh towards yourself. Supportive words such as ‘I can do this’ or ‘I am capable’ are some positive affirmations we can start to use more often; allowing us to foster a healthy relationship with ourselves and start taking pleasure in who we are.

Taking these steps will create a foundation for becoming embodied through body confidence and self-love.