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Motorola Pulse 3Max Over-Ear Wireless headphones with Alexa (Black)


Its design for the Motorola Pulse three scoop is quite distinct, and it is light enough that it can be used for a long period of time. It makes it appropriate for them to be a hardcore GAMER.

If you’re referring to the body structure of the Motorola Pulse Three-Scoop, it’s made from exhausting plastic which strengthens it and, when finished, gives it a premium appearance.

Its Motorola Pulse three scoop uses Soft artifact-inspired earcups that swivel and adjustable length hinges , so that even if the earpiece is worn for a long period of time, your ears will not be hurt, and you can enjoy having fun to the fullest.

Motorola Pulse three scoop has rubber-coated cables, which be higher if it has decorated cable.

A single-button inline electro-acoustic transducer remote is included this is an excellent thing, but it is necessary to get them treated a bit.


If we refer to the quality of sound and performance then the Motorola Pulse three scoop has high-quality metal element drivers of 40 millimeters that provide the typical quality of studio-quality sound.

While you might not achieve the full-bodied sound from these headphones, you’ll be able to produce a booming or fine-tuned bass that Indians listeners.

boAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone


The Body of the Boat Rockerz 450 is constructed of carbon plastic which gives it more strength. Together with its matte black finish and a swivel design make an elegant electro-acoustic transducer.

The Boat Rockerz450 earcups are made of an elegant material. Its adjustable length hinges make for the perfect fit, providing you with the exact sound cancellation that’s quite sensible for the cost.

While this Boat Rockerz 450 may be electro-acoustic transducer wireless, however, it’s a second AUX cable, so we can make use of it as an electric-acoustic transmitter in the line. Additionally, it’s a Constitutional electro-acoustic transducer.


Concerning the sound high-quality of Boat Rockerz 450, it is 40mm dynamic driver with the help of a deep bass that delivers an incredibly clear and refined sound that Boat Rockerz 450 has dubbed HD immersive audio. And to a large extent, it is accurate.

In addition, when looking at the vocal and instrumental distinction, the instrument has been tuned so that it can perform well on middle and high notes.

Motorola Escape 200 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone


Regarding the style and design of Motorola Escape 200’s BUILD QUALITY, the body is made from carbon-based plastic, which ensures it is durable and reliable. Additionally its black matte finish and a swivel design makes it durable and tough headphones.

Additionally, its compact design makes it easy to carry headphones on the go However, you’ve to remain vigilant.

As you may have guessed that this Motorola Escape two hundred maybe electro-acoustic transducer wireless However, you will get an aux cable that you can use in a level emergency. In addition, it comes with buttons specifically for calls received, track modification and Alexa. These are usually the top Headphones below 1500.

If you’re talking about the weight of the product, then it’s one hundred seventy five grams due to its lightweight. Therefore, the earcups are made of extremely soft material, that offers an excellent fit around your ears to provide an earpiece that can block out noise as a result. Get


If you are a fan of the sound quality and performance from the Motorola Escape two hundred, then the Motorola Escape two hundred has the responsive 40mm, metallic element drivers, delivering sharp highs and an enthralling bass. It is a standard sound of studio models.

Concerning the sound quality on the Motorola Pulse three scoop the high notes are given plenty of buzz, but the low notes may sound slightly weak. When you think of its bass line, you might not notice the forceful bass that it has because of its instrumental and vocal separation.

Boat Super Bass Rockerz 400 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone


As you can see from the headphones featured in this variety and the body of the headphones is made of plastic. The body of boAt rockerz four hundred is also made of carbon-based plastic that gives it an extremely sturdy and solid appearance.

The Rockerz four hundred comes with Soft artifact-like earcups with adjustable length hinges. As such, you can use the product for extended periods without issue.

Its design is unique to this Rockerz 4100 body was created to in a way that it can fold down so you can carry it anywhere you go.

If you’re talking about the finishing, there’s a metallic finish on it, so you’re getting into its style.


As with like the Rockerz 450, it’s conjointly an electro-acoustic wireless transducer making use of Bluetooth version four.1 which connects to all Android, iOS and Windows devices, however, the device must be that are older than Bluetooth version four, you’ll need to upgrade. When you pair it with a device, there will be some lag when you play gaming, as is the case common with any audio headphones.

In terms of performance and sound quality that comes with the Rockerz four hundred, the Rockerz four hundred has 40-mm Dynamic Drivers. it has a speaker resistance of as high as thirty-two Ohm. They are typically the best Headphones below 1500.

Cosmic Byte Over the Ear Headsets featuring LED and Mic G4000 Edition


Regarding G4000 Edition’s design and BUILD QUALITY, Its body is made out of exhausting plastic which is extremely durable and sturdy. Its matte-finished finish and sharp edges make the appearance of a sturdy, hardcore recreation, and rough usage headphones.

G4000 Edition G4000 Edition has further junction rectifier light fixtures on the right and left earcups, making it quite captivating. Its adjustable microphone gives it a totally different appearance than the Auro and is operated by using an earphone line device.

The G4000 Edition’s cushioned head-pad, as well as ear-pads and adjustable length hinges, make it an electro-acoustic transducer.

In relation to the G4000 Edition cable, the G4000 Edition cable, Flatwire cable is included as a part of it, and is virtually tangle-free. If it were a decorated cable, it could be even better.


G4000 Edition G4000 Edition has responsive fifty-millimeter metallic element drivers, that give crisp highs and enhanced bass that we listen to Indians appreciate.

If the headphones’ separation of instrumental and vocal sounds is evident, then it’s tuned, however under the belt PERFORMANCE can be usually heard in the middle notes of certain songs. They are typically the best headphones under 1500.

What is what makes G4000 Edition G4000 Edition special is its adjustable microphone, and when it speaks about its PERFORMANCE it is able to perform better than other models in its category due to its precise position and sensitivity to sound.