Since the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO by Valve Corporation in 2012, the game has been a hit among gamers. After the game recently became free-to-play, millions of people have added it to their Steam library. The game still attracts millions of players every day and has allowed millions to make a living through cybersports, YouTube, Twitch and skin trading.

CS:GO has spawned its popularity and its own economy in the form of trading and creating skins. Traders and skin creators are comfortable earning six-figure incomes. This huge economy has also spawned gaming sites where people can gamble to get better skins or lose the ones they already have. One such site that caters to CS: GO skin bettors is called Gamdom.

Gamdom Review

Gamdom, a site for CS:GO skin players, was opened to the public in 2017. Currently, this site is primarily a crypto-gaming site with games submitted by various developers in the gambling market. It started as a CS:GO gambling site, but has evolved into a more general gambling site that takes centre stage. The site doesn’t have a lot of graphics and other “bells and whistles.” The games provided by the developer load very slowly and consume bandwidth to play. Unlike many premium gaming sites, Gamdom focuses mainly on a few very popular games, which we will talk about later.  

In addition to CS: GO skins, skins from other games are also accepted as a fair way to exchange. One example is Dota 2 skins. VGO skins based on Blockchain and Bitcoin are also accepted. 

FIAT’s regular currency is also accepted via AliPay, CASHU, Google Pay, Mastercard, PayPal, Union Pay, Visa, and WeChat transaction modes.

Withdrawals are only allowed in the form of cryptocurrencies and masks.

Basic user interface

When you enter the site, you are greeted by dark colours. The site looks very minimalistic, unlike most gambling sites, which encourage the user to experience the whole business, which can be a negative factor for some people in this field. There are no flashy graphics or banners and no ads cluttering it up. In the upper left corner of the site, we see a “Home” button. Similarly, in the top right corner, we see the ability to change the language, as well as a counter of people online. This counter is updated in real-time. 

Next to the “Home” button, there are three other options: “Blog”, “Forum”, and “Education”.

Clicking on all three buttons in sequence takes me to blank pages. I also used a VPN to see if this restriction was specific to my location, but still got the same result. I guess that the site had a forum that was closed to reduce bandwidth, or they are planning to open a forum. Either way, buttons that do nothing give the impression that the site is not serious about service.

Under the “home” button, the site proudly displays links and icons to its most popular games. These games are Crash, Roulette, Trade Up and Jackpot. We’ll explain the mechanics of these games later.

When we download, we get games submitted by the developer, which I think has the shorter end of the stick, as the games (although there is a separate section for them) don’t feel like the main attraction here. Games also don’t load immediately, as most of the site’s bandwidth is set aside for the top five Gamdom games, which are the main attraction of the platform.

Scrolling down, we find a chart showing how much people have bet and won. The live betting table is updated with user names, games, times and payouts. The weekly leaderboard also proudly displays the names of the ten people who placed the most bets for the week and the amount they won. Six-figure bets won five-figure amounts, which shows how unlucky people were this week.

Moving on, we see a bar showing the different payment methods. The next section advertises a rewards system that appears to be very successful. It’s called Rain Reward.

The site also lists the names of the developers who provided the games for the site. 

At the bottom we find an anti-gambling warning and links to some sites talking about gambling addiction. 

The site also has an active chat room, which can be accessed from the home page. The chat room is used to communicate with people from different countries. 

Rain rewards happen mostly in chat rooms, so the activity is explained. The rain reward system is also called a rain bot, where the site’s currency, which is called “coins,” is randomly sent to people who can catch them. A literal example of this would be a bot that walks into a crowded public place and throws money in the air, and people run to catch it.

Although the site has a few blank pages and some services seem to be intentionally throttled, it still loads very quickly. The chat box and leaderboards are updated in real-time. Gamdom’s games also work flawlessly. The games presented by the developer are seen more as a small addition, even though people are still putting money there.

Available platforms

The site is built on HTML5, which helps it scale up and down. The site is available on all platforms (mobile, tablet, and desktop). However, it is recommended that you use the site primarily on a desktop or laptop computer with the Google Chrome browser to get a smooth gaming experience.

Social Media

The site has a very active social media presence on sites such as Twitter, Instagram and VK. Gamdom’s profiles are very active and regularly report on any new events happening on the site.

Casino Games

Although developers have been sending games mostly in the background on Gamdom, there are still many developers who are sending games to this site. These developers include names like Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Plano, Booming Games, Booongo, Caleta, Gameart, Green Jade, Hacksaw Gaming, Kalamba Games, Microgaming, No Limit City, One Touch, Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin, Red Tiger, Relax, Spadegaming, Tom Horn, Truelab, Wazdan and Yggdrasil.

The main attraction of this site and the games that bring in the most money are created by the site itself under the name “Gamdom exclusives”. These exclusive titles appear at the top of the site. These titles are also often found on other gambling sites. They are as follows:

Crash: This game reminded me of a side activity in Grand Theft Auto 5, where the game character puts money on a spot and withdraws it as soon as it goes up. Despite some similarities, Crash works a little differently. The graph where the line starts moving horizontally represents a multiplier. Players get money when the line slowly rises. 

The line can collapse at any time, so people are anxious to cash out. Those who don’t cash out in time lose their money, and those who cash out in time get their winnings according to the time they cashed out, relative to the multiplier. This game is largely based on luck, as I have seen games where the multipliers have increased to 5x or even 8x. Similarly, there are times when the multiplier stops somewhere around 1.5x.

Hilo: This game is very simple. The player is shown a card with the ability to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower. Those who correctly predict the pattern will win, and those who cannot predict the pattern will lose their money.

EXCURSION: This is primarily a game of chance. A player chooses an aspect of the Gamdom market and bets a certain amount on it. The odds are calculated based on the price of the skin and the amount bet. The higher the skin price, the harder it is to win.

Roulette is also a prediction game. The game is divided into three parts. 1 – 7, 0 и 8 – 14. They are colour-coded red, green, and black, respectively. People predict where the wheel will stop. However, winning bets coded red and black only pay 2-1, while green (which is the number 0) pays 14-1 because of the higher risk.

Jackpot: The Jackpot game is primarily an all-or-nothing lottery. People exchange their skins for tickets. The higher the value of the skins according to the Steam Analyst API, the higher the number of tickets. One ticket is drawn, and the person with that ticket goes home with all the skins in the jackpot.

Bonuses and promotions in Gamdom

Bonuses in Gamdom are tied to a player’s level. Players can level up using experience points or XP points. XP is earned by placing bets on the site. The more XP, the higher the level. At higher levels, the player gets better bonuses.

One of the most popular bonus features in Gamdom is rain rewards. Rain rewards are handed out by rainbots that randomly appear in the chat room. Rainbots distribute coins in chats, which in real life can be the equivalent of tossing money in the air and having people catch it. There are three types of Rain Rewards.

FREE Rain: Free Rain does not discriminate. Coins are dropped in chat and anyone, regardless of level or XP, can pick them up.

NORMAL RAIN: These rewards can only be claimed after the player has placed a certain amount of coins playing various games in Gamdom.

TSUNAMI / TORNADO / VOLCANO RAIN: These are the highest level of free coins that Rainbots can drop into the chat room. Players must reach a certain threshold to qualify for these rewards, but once they reach it, the rewards are huge.

Customer Service and Support

Gamdom does not have live customer service. They can only be contacted by email. They are also active on social media: Instagram, Twitter and VK. The lack of a live chat feature and contact number is probably the biggest drawback of this platform.

Restricted countries

Gamdom has not been restricted by any country. However, gambling laws in many countries, such as Pakistan and Israel, make it illegal to use the site in those countries. Violating these laws can lead to huge fines and prison sentences. Therefore, players should research the gambling laws of their country before they start wagering money on Gamdom.

We also invite you to read our Betobet review to find out more about it and in which countries it is available.

Trust Rating

A website’s trust rating is mainly based on the fair algorithms that are implemented on the site. Probably fair is a tool that allows the player to analyze the site to determine its fairness. 

Gandom has a full “Probably fair” page that walks the player through the entire process of how things work in the backend. Anyone can check the results, and they indicate a high trust rating. 


Gandom is owned by a company called Smein Hosting NV, which is registered in the island nation of Curacao. 


This is definitely a good place for those who want to gamble with their CS: GO masks. They are honest about their deals, and what you see is basically what you get. In our opinion, the bonuses could have been better, but they are still adequate. The design of the site is completely minimalistic, which may put some people off, and is taken too seriously for a gaming site.

Nevertheless, it is certainly a good platform for what the customer wants: fair bets. Go and check it out.