Whether your infant is just starting to crawl or already playing on the floor, they will need a comfy and durable base layer. A onesie is a perfect choice.

Onesies (also known as bodysuits, creepers, and diaper shirts) have a shirt-like design with snaps at the crotch to allow for easy diaper changes. They also feature an expandable neckline for easy dressing.

It’s Comfortable

Onesie, or bodysuits, are the foundation of your baby onesie I just did nine months in mommy. They’re soft, comfortable, and a must-have for newborns, who go through up to four or five clean onesies in a day (hello, spit-ups and blowouts). This soft cotton bodysuit from Primary is available in several bright hues and coordinates perfectly with khaki pants for babies, making it a great shower gift. It also features easy snaps and that all-important envelope neckline. Plus, the knotted bottoms and cuffed hands keep UF baby onesie warm and prevent scratching. This breathable Lyocel tencel fabric sleeper gown from Little Sleepies is an Instagram-worthy choice for baby boys and girls, with a peaceful watercolor pattern and a matching top-knot cap.

It’s Easy to Change

There’s a reason they call it “onesie” (note: most stores now call them bodysuits, because Gerber has trademarked the term “onesie”). A onesie is a loosely fitted bodysuit for infants that covers the torso and can also act as comfortable leisurewear and sleepwear. It features a shirt-like pattern that extends beyond the waist, and buttons or snaps for closure over the crotch to help you change diapers without having to hike up the garment.

To put a baby in a onesie, lie the baby on their back and then stretch the neckline of the garment. Then, working with one hand supporting the baby’s head and chest, slip your fingers into each arm opening in the onesie. Then, slowly pull the sleeves on to your baby’s hands and arms. After that, work on putting the rest of the onesie down on the baby until it is completely on and secure. Once done, you’re ready to go!

It’s Concealed

Unlike baby rompers, which have a footed design with snaps to keep babies warm, onesies are just a top that covers the torso. This is what makes them so convenient and practical. They let parents easily access a baby’s diaper and prevent them from having to take off the entire outfit.

Onesies are also great for concealing diapers. Babies are naturally curious, which can lead them to explore their diapers. This can lead to nasty messes on their hands and even the crib slats. A onesie can help keep those messes contained and protect their sensitive skin.

If you are shopping for a new baby, consider adding a few onesies to your cart. You can find them online or at most department and clothing stores. If you’re buying for a newborn, look for a layette set that includes three onesies, two pairs of pants, a dress, a sweater, and 3 bibs. These sets make a perfect gift for any expecting parent.

It’s Cute

While some people may argue that onesies aren’t as cute as other types of baby clothes, it’s hard to deny that they’re adorable. They’re also the perfect choice for newborn photos and for wearing around the house.

Onesies are usually made from soft and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton or flannel. They can be worn as sleepwear or leisurewear, depending on the season. They also make an excellent base layer for shirts and jackets.

Onesies are available online and in a wide variety of stores. In many stores, they’re grouped together by size to make shopping easier. They’re also sold in packs of multiples and as part of layette sets. Some are even embroidered with messages or characters. You can also find them on sale at some of the most popular baby retailers, including Amazon and Gerber Childrenswear. Unlike some other types of baby clothing, onesies don’t have legs and fasten with snaps at the crotch for diaper changes.