Arresting an addiction is not easy. It however, is something you just have to do when the limit’s crossed. You are facing difficulties in life you never thought you would. 

That slipping away into a drink has landed you in unforeseen trouble – at work, with family, friends. Relatives and in several other spheres of life. It is time to seize control and steer your life away from oily waters into a calm lagoon.

Fears and misconceptions

You hear about Alcoholics Anonymous is helping people to gain sobriety and go on to living a good life. You and want to attend an AA meeting in Virginia. Then, you hear stuff like being religious, meeting people you know. The more wonder if that’s even the right choice for you.

Let us bust some myths and misconceptions here. That you have clarity on what you can expect in AA meetings in Virginia.

  • Finding a meeting

It is not at all difficult to find Local AA Meetings. All you have to do is use an AA Meeting Locator or AA Meeting Directory and you will find an extensive list of meetings that are close to you. Just choose the most convenient one and join in.

  • Charges

AA does not charge any fees. Most meetings are held in a large enough space, like a church hall or a community center, to allow for the unfettered presence of members. There may be a collection towards the end of the meeting to meet the room rent. But members are not obligated to pay.

  • Questions

You don’t have to worry about facing any kind of inquisition in these meetings. These meetings are no-questions-asked ones. There are no obligations involved to do something or behave in a certain manner. You can just sit and listen to the members speaking about their life journeys, struggles and triumphs. Only if you wish to share do you do so, otherwise you can just be silent and take it all in.

  • The religious factor

Many people believe that AA is religious – it is not. There is a spiritual aspect to it. No one will ask or force you to follow anything. If you have a personal interpretation of AA’s learnings, that would be your own take, no one else’s.

  • Signing up

There is nothing like signing up in AA. You come and go as you like. If there is a particular meeting you feel comfortable in, you can inform the other members of your interest and keep attending. In case you want to try out the other meetings. You are free to do that – there are no bounds whatsoever.

AA meetings are informal and friendly. Members gather together and relate their journeys. It is completely up to the attendee to share. If you don’t want to do that, it is perfectly fine. AA has led many alcoholics to attaining complete sobriety, and you can leave the bottle behind too. 

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