Carpets can make a big difference in a room’s overall appearance. A correctly placed carpet can help connect the diverse components in the room together and is a fantastic way to add color and texture to your room. It also provides warmth and keeps the floors clean.

Choosing the perfect carpet for your apartment, on the other hand, requires lots of consideration for multiple aspects such as size, shape, color, and location:

  1. Size 

It’s important to choose a carpet that’s proportionate to space it’ll be used in. A carpet that is too tiny creates a disjointed, fractured appearance, whereas a carpet that is too huge overwhelms the area. Layering a smaller carpet with a larger carpet below for an intriguing appearance is one method to use it. In addition, two or more carpets can be utilized to define and separate various regions in a big room.

  1. Color

Your carpet’s color may be a good match for the other components in your space. When the furniture is entirely wood or metal, the carpet color becomes even more essential. Lighter carpets open up spaces, while darker carpets give off a warm cozy vibe. A fast color balancing suggestion is to match the carpet color with another accent color in the space.

  1. Shape

Round carpets may add a fun element to a room, but they work best in compact spaces. A round or curved carpet looks best with circular or curved furniture, such as round tables and beds. Carpets that are rectangular or square provide a more formal appearance. If the table is small enough to be centered on the carpet, a square or rectangular carpet can be utilized with similarly sized furniture or occasionally circular tables.

  1. Placement

The best spot to place a carpet is highly dependent on what kind of room it is, how much space is available, and other décor components.

  • Foyer: A carpet for an entryway or foyer should be put in the center of the room and arranged along the hallway’s longest direction.
  • Living room: Carpets for the living room may be employed in a variety of ways.
  • Wall-to-wall carpets may be utilized to create a pleasant, inviting atmosphere.
  • For central living rooms, medium-sized carpets are ideal. The front of living room furniture is usually placed on the carpet, while the opposite half is placed on the bare floor. If you’re using a medium-sized carpet with a couch, make sure the carpet extends a foot or two on either side of the sofa for a more expansive effect.
  • Below the coffee table, a small carpet can be utilized. To avoid making it hard to move around, the gap between the carpet borders and the surrounding furniture should be reasonably large.
  • Dining room: Dining room sets should be positioned in the center of the carpet, with enough space on the sides to accommodate them.
  • Bedroom: A bedroom area rug should ideally span a third of the bed’s length and stretch out a foot or two on all three sides away from the top of the bed.

Bottom Line

These are some of the important things to consider while selecting the perfect carpet for your apartment. Once you have a clear idea of what would be suitable, start looking at available options. When it comes to selecting home decor, remember that there’s no need to rush. If you need more information, contact your nearest carpet and flooring store.


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