Glass Decor Ideas

Ever thought of sun-basking in a glass cottage? Sounds like an orchid blooming in a greenhouse, isn’t it? Well, it does sound exciting, but it might be a bit fiddly in reality. However, you can experience the fun with some funky glass decor at your home. Glass decor is trendy and aesthetic at the same time. It adds to the elegance of your drawing room and attracts your guests. Here are 9 decorative glass decor ideas you may try out for your interiors.Please Visit apartments for rent in grand prairie tx website.

Doors and Windows:

Decorative Glass windows have been used for decades, although doors made entirely of glass have recently become the interior decor trend. Stained glass doors are mind-blowing pieces of artwork that glorify your room. They enhance your room’s lighting at night while welcoming the first ray of sun at dawn.

Wall Decor:

Nothing can be more charming than colourful flowers. What if they bloom on the walls of your room? Colourful glass plates thrown into the shapes of flowers can be the absolute showstopper for your cottage.

Glass Fountains:

Frosted glass panels look enticing when creating a virtual fountain on your wall. Wooden frames supporting the glass panes can contain carvings to add up to their value. You can also keep some space in front of the fountain to fill up with colourful pebbles and indoor plants.

Glass Planters:

Indoor plants are the best way to refresh your mind after a tiresome day. If you love gardening, you may want to put up your green piece in your living room. Colourful orchids hanging from the ceiling or creeping epiphytes can uplift your mood. Using glass jars or glass tubes to hang your planter can be your room’s best decor.

Glass Tables:

Carved wooden tables with glass tops look enticing. This glassy and classy combination can be applied to teapoys, coffee tables, and your dining space. You can decorate the undersurface of your table with pebbles to enhance the look.

Celestial Glass Lights:

Every lamp comes with a glass shade, but trap lights create a stellar ambience when your room becomes dark. They have photoluminescent pigments inside them that store the light when exposed to luminance and glow in the dark for hours.

Table Decor:

Putting flower sticks within a glass vase or lighting an aroma candle within a glass holder can trigger your festive feelings. Glass table decor can make your room look gorgeous and romantic, even on a regular day.

Glass Sink:

Refresh your soul by splashing cool water in a glass sink after a stressful day. The colour of the glass should give a fresh appeal, so turquoise or sea green can be the best choice.

Glass Flooring:

Though not common in homes, you can have exquisite interior decor by paving your floor with glass. It gives you the space to enjoy a gala time with your soulmate or tap your feet with your dance partner.

Summing Up:

Glass can give your home a unique dignity with its classy look. Whether you put up glass doors or planters, your room will reflect your taste when you decorate it with glass items. Though fragile, they are easy to clean and steal the show when you throw a kitty party.