Just as everyone is starting to return to the office from a long stint of working from home, you might be worried about how being back in the office environment will impact productivity. Epic Office Furniture has assembled some handy tips to help you create a productivity office environment. While we can guarantee it will work 100% of the time, it will definitely give you a foundation to work off.

Arrangement of the Office

Common areas or shared equipment need to be easily accessible to everyone that needs to use them. It will save employees having to walk across the whole office, distracting others on the way through. It’s also just convenient, if it’s important to their role in the business don’t make it hard for them to use.


Noise can be really distracting to those in the office and follows on from point one. Areas, where a lot of noise is going to be made need to be separated from the main work area. Meeting rooms, break rooms and even the printer or photocopier (if they make a lot of noise), should have doors and away from the main office space. Additionally, tools like acoustic panels or dividers can be used to soften noise, really useful in a large office where noise can be hard to control.

Use Ergonomic furniture

Use ergonomic furniture to help employees be comfortable at work. Sitting down for hours on end can cause back pain, neck pain and headaches. Providing ergonomic furniture can help posture and stop any pain and discomfort from occurring. Ergonomic chairs paired with and sitting and standing desk are a good start allowing works to alternate their working position so they’re not static all day.

Effective Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference in productivity. Dull lighting can mean you have to strain to see and lower energy levels. Supplying adequate lighting is therefore essential, if possible natural light is the best as it improves energy levels.

Air Quality

Offices can often feel stale and unwelcoming because there is little to no airflow cycling out air. This is often exacerbated if it is too hot or cold. Having heating and cooling air conditioning or even fans can create an ideal working temperature and help cycle out the old stale air and replace it with fresh air from outside the office. You can also add some indoor plants to the office which will look nice but also help with air quality.