Etsy is a destination for creatives and a source of inspiration for many craftspeople. Most embroidery digitizers create Etsy pages to not only list their wares online for the convenience of their existing clients, but also to quickly and efficiently get their products into the hands of new buyers. It’s the ideal spot for someone to show off their most unique things while also establishing a brand.

Make the most of social media to expand your audience

Utilizing your existing audience is one of the most effective ways to increase your product discovery on Etsy. While this does not guarantee greater sales, you will be able to use Etsy’s backend to see which products are getting the most attention and where the majority of your visitors are coming from.

Share posts that link to your Etsy account once you’ve added everyone you can think of. Begin by creating an account and inviting your friends and family to join. This can help you figure out what things consumers like best or what kinds of graphics are most effective.

This tool saves a lot of time when it comes to creating social media material and efficiently promotes it on the other channel! Etsy transfers primary item details such as the item price, image, and details used when you do so. This will not only connect

 you with other embroiderers who share your love… but it will also provide you with fresh ideas as you gain expertise in the field.

On Facebook, you’ll find a wealth of useful ideas and techniques, especially where you can share your opinions and learn from other Etsy store owners! Using online forums, blogs, and groups to ask essential questions is another approach to learn more about pushing your shop to the next level.

On Etsy, look into the demand for your products

Take the time to investigate and assess which things on Etsy are bringing in the most money. Consider how you can branch out and tie needlework to each of these topics if any of them piques your interest. We produced a list of some of the bestselling categories mentioned in the article, as well as what this means for embroiderers.

Then consider how you might link those best-sellers to embroidery and include it in your product line.

With the correct advice and tools, you can embroider canvas shoes and even cleats. Have you ever attempted to embroider on a shoe’s sides of the tongue?

Embroidered ribbons, for example, are a terrific way to show off your stitching skills while also establishing a name for your company.

Weddings: This could be another strategy to boost your shop’s ranking in this popular category. Bridal parties are constantly on the lookout for matching PJs or satin robes.

Custom embroidery digitizing on tote bags or even leather items is a great way to show off your skills.

Jewelry: Fringe earrings are popular on Etsy, but did you know that embroidered earrings can be made as well? Using the free-standing lace embroidery approach demonstrated in this video, you can even combine the two ways to make embroidered fringe earrings.

Spend time writing descriptions and tags for your products

A good description accomplishes more than simply describing what the product is and how it functions. You’ll want to make sure you’re using keywords and labelling your products with language that not only accurately describes your product but also makes it searchable.

While you can do keyword research on Etsy, Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding categories and phrases used by makers and crafts just like you!

Here are some common consumer questions that you should address:

What is the composition of your product?

Is it possible to customise your product? Is it possible to personalise or monogram it, for example?

Don’t forget about tagging! Tags are brief descriptions of your goods. While broad tags like “mens wallet” are more general (and particular tags are known to help you thrive on Etsy), a healthy mix of general tags is still a smart idea.

How? Suggestions for searches will show in the drop-down menu after you begin entering into the Pinterest search box. Cross-referencing searchable tags on Pinterest is one technique to conduct keyword research. The most crucial location to include such keywords is in the title.

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Make your images appealing to the eye

While the quality of your goods must be excellent, you must also have the two major characteristics of a great photo in order for it to be meaningful to potential customers. The way elements are spaced apart in images to be aesthetically attractive is referred to as photo composition. Most potential buyers, especially if this is their first interaction with your product, want to see how it appears before committing to a purchase, as you know.

Simply by implementing a couple of these tips, your Etsy profile will quickly transform into an online photo portfolio of your best work, attracting more visitors to your page.

Lighting is also important. Fortunately, modern technology allows you to utilise your smartphone to capture the beauty of your work in ways you couldn’t before. When photographing your products, you might wish to set them flat against a backdrop or up against colourful construction paper to give a distinctive appearance!

You may alter brightness and contrast for your next product post instantly on your phone using VSCO, Whitagram, or Snapseed. You may take stand-alone shots of your goods with these tiny photography studio sets. This is a cost-effective way to bring your product to life. You might also want to consider purchasing a product lightbox.