What do you think of when you see a swoosh mark, an apple with a bite missing, or a pair of golden arches? No doubt you instantly know the logos for Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s — the most recognizable logos in the world (along with Coca-Cola).

Your business logo has a direct effect on your brand reputation. On average, before you can earn a loyal customer, they need to see your brand logo at least seven times.

So then, how do you make a memorable and standout business logo? Here are four types of logo designs to consider.

1. Monograms or Lettermarks

Think of the logo designs for companies like:

  • HBO
  • CNN
  • NASA
  • IBM
  • HP

What do they have in common? Rather than using fancy imagery or emblems, these companies stick with their brand initials for their logo. (And let’s face it: “NASA” is much easier to remember than “National Aeronautics and Space Administration.”)

If you want to create a succinct, no-frills logo, consider using a monogram of your company’s initials. Make sure the color and font style matches your branding and that it’s easy to read in print and on screens.

2. Pictorial Marks or Symbols

Now think of the logo designs for these companies:

  • Twitter
  • Target
  • John Deere

These companies went the opposite direction and created pictorial logos with no words or letters at all. Still, as soon as you see the cartoon bird or red and white bullseye, you know you’re dealing with Twitter or Target.

You can use a logo generator to create a simple but compelling symbol for your brand. Choose something that evokes a certain emotion or gives insight into what your company does.

3. Emblem Logo Design

If you’re ready to level up your brand logo, consider creating an emblem like:

  • The Starbucks mermaid emblem
  • The Harley-Davidson crest
  • The Warner Brothers Pictures emblem

Seals, badges, crests, and emblems make a striking impact on the viewer. They combine the business name and a symbol into a neatly entwined package.

If you decide to go this route, remember that less is more. Keep the design bold but uncomplicated so it’s easy to recognize (and read) on business cards and smartphones.

4. Abstract Logo Design

If none of these options have jumped out at you so far, maybe it’s time to consider an abstract design for your brand logo. Think about:

  • The Pepsi circle
  • The Adidas striped flower
  • The BP starburst
  • The Nike swoosh

Rather than choosing a recognizable image, such as an animal or a mascot, abstract logos use geometric designs to create something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. The right combination of color and form can convey the emotion and values you want to associate with your brand reputation.

Which Types of Logo Designs Are Right for You?

Designing logos requires careful thought and consideration. You need to think about your brand reputation and which types of logo designs will best convey your values.

Choose one of the options listed above and you’ll be well on your way to creating a compelling business logo!

Brand reputation and designing logos aren’t the only topics on the table today. Keep browsing our site for more stellar business advice.