4 Great Features of GogoPDF’s Delete Pages Tool

Are you about to submit a PDF file but you noticed that there are unnecessary pages that do nothing but negatively affect the flow of the presentation? It is one of the most common problems faced by both students and working adults. You can solve this problem by converting it back to a Word document. It is a type of file format that will allow you to delete pages from the file. However, it’s time-consuming hence it is not a viable option whenever you are in a hurry or beating a deadline. 

It can be a major headache but the good thing is that there are technological tools that can assist you anytime and anywhere you are. Another way to remove the pages that do not add value to your report is by using the delete pages tool of GogoPDF. It is the go-to website whenever people encounter inconveniences in managing digital documents. 

Features of GogoPDF’s Delete Pages Tool

GogoPDF is one of the finest websites that you can use to delete pages from PDF. The process associated with this task is very easy to perform which is not the case if you use other online tools. To help you decide whether or not to access GogoPDF, below are its features. 

  1. Accessible to all kinds of platforms

Since GogoPDF operates through a Cloud system, it must be accessible and available to provide services any time of the day. It is more advantageous to use than applications and software for a variety of reasons. The latter will require you to spend a significant amount of time to download them on your device and some of them are only available after you subscribe to one of their monthly or yearly plans. 

Things You Need to Access the Website

With GogoPDF, you only have to secure yourself with a working device including a smartphone, laptop, and tablet, a stable internet connection, and a trusted browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The reason behind this is because the website is compatible with all kinds of platforms, operating systems, and browsers. Make sure to choose the one that is secure and safe enough that it is free from cyber-attacks.

  1. Fast and Easy Process to Delete Pages From a PDF

As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you can expect that the process of deleting pages from a PDF will only take a few minutes and even less. You will not face any technical difficulties because the website made the steps straightforward and streamlined. In this way,  every user, especially beginners, can easily use the tool. 

Step on How to Use the Delete Pages Tool 

To begin the process, you have to simply go to the website by using one of the browsers on your device. Then, upload the document that you have to modify. You can do it by hitting the select a file button located at the center of the screen or by dragging and dropping it from the file folder to the toolbox. After that, the delete pages tool will examine and analyze the uploaded document. It will then show a preview of all the pages the file contains and from the list, choose those that you want to remove by clicking the trash can button. There is no undo feature which means that if you accidentally delete a page with important content, you have to repeat the process from the very beginning. Once you are done deleting as many pages as you would like, proceed with the process by clicking the apply changes button.

  1. Impressive security system

Safety of the files is the primary concern of everyone utilizing online tools. For sure, you are hesitant to use the website especially if the file you wish to delete contains sensitive information including your bank details, financial statements, and business transactions. To give you the assurance that your uploaded and updated documents will be free of malware and viruses and are inaccessible to hackers, the website adopts an impressive security system.

Security System Used by the Website

Using the 256-bit encryption technology, the website is capable of providing every user with the highest level of security and privacy. Did you know that it is the same security system used by financial institutions to protect their files containing information about their borrowers and investors? So, there is no reason for you to worry about facing safety issues. Aside from the use of an impressive security system, the website also implements a 60-minute rule which makes the files on its server inaccessible after an hour.

  1. Free services

A lot of students find it hard to delete pages from a PDF because all the applications and software that they access require a monthly payment. If you are looking for a tool that can do the same task without letting you pay even a single dollar, then GogoPDF is the best option. All of its services including the delete pages tool are entirely free. There is no hidden fee nor a required registration form to fill up just to proceed with the process. 

If you are someone who wants to discover all the great things that the website can offer, you may upgrade your free account to premium. Using it to perform the services will let you get rid of multiple advertisements that appear from time to time whenever you use the free version. The customer service team will also address your concerns as fast as possible. Additionally, there will no longer be a limit per day when accessing the delete pages tool which is beneficial if you often find yourself needing to use it multiple times every day. Lastly, you can use the cloud storage that comes with the premium account to save the original file and its new version.

In Conclusion 

Now that you know the four great features of GogoPDF, you are probably convinced that it is time to access it to make your remote working and online learning easier. Using it means you would no longer subject yourself to a long and challenging process of deleting PDF pages. In just a few clicks, you can already have the updated file ready for download.