Heading to the nail salon or taking time for DIY press-on nails is always a treat, but it can be tricky to choose with so many shaping options. Should you have a coffin? Try square? Stiletto? Here we will highlight what press-on nail shapes are in style and most popular so you can find the best one for your hands.

 Whether you’re looking for something classy, simple, fun, or a strong statement shape, check Clutch press-on nails next-level and stunning collection available in stiletto, round, almond, oval, coffin, and square shape.

  1. Oval-shaped press-on nails.

Pick this shape if you have longer nails and want a more subtle feminine look. Oval press-on nails are impossible not to love.This shape is trending because it works across all shades and lengths. They’re refined, chic, and very classic. Oval press-on nails reflect the natural form of your nail and are popular because they extend your fingers; if you want to slim the look of your fingers, this is a great choice.

Oval nails, with their elegance, work great with warm, pastel tones. However, there’s no denying that a bit of glitter serves to spice things up. Clutch Glitter oval-shaped press-on nails are glamorous, flirtatious and will undoubtedly make you the star of any party. You were born to steal the show, so take advantage of the current fashion trend and get your glitter nail now.

  • Coffin-shaped press-on nails.

Your nails are also an accessory much like your handbag, dress, and jewelry. So, it’s essential to keep them looking chic and on-trend. There’s no better way to round off your appearance this season than with coffin nails. Coffin press-on nails are dramatic and stylish, with tapering ends that are squared off.

White can be a captivating color, especially when coupled with Clutch Greek Goddess white coffin nails, so rock the pure hue on your nails with a sparkling finish for a classical luxurious look. Check their coffin nail collection beyond the perfect opportunity to sprinkle drama and intrigue into the everyday look.

  • Stiletto shaped press-on nails

If you’re not a big lover of nails but want to try them out for a special event, pressing on stilettos are the way to go. You need to take pride in your appearance, and what better way to do so than by transforming your nails into super chic stilettos with a high-quality press-on. They have a formidable look, with a tapered form and sharp tips. Not to mention, they’re on-trend.

Bestseller Black stiletto press-on nails by Clutch look fierce with a sparky twist. These are simply another signature piece to add to your style, displaying who you are on the inside and out. So buy their stiletto collection ranging from matte to chrome and get ready to have people grabbing your hands to take a closer look and complimenting you left, right, and center.

Why Buy From Clutch?

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